Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Lately

This was my view on the way home from work last Tuesday. LOVE.

Last Thursday we had our annual company retreat and I was called up on stage to receive a gift for being with the company for five years. The president of the company said a lot of really nice things about me. It was a special moment for me.

My gift was a Fitbit and I could not have been more excited. I have been wanting one and now I'm obsessed. I love how it tracks your sleep and steps and calories in / calories out and I was even able to sync it to MyFitness Pal. I feel so tech savvy right now.

Sunday was a fun day. We went downtown Detroit for restaurant week and a Lions game.

We ate at Bistro 555 for dinner and it was such a cool experience. They had a three course prefix menu for $25 a person that we all ordered from. I also had a cosmo and it was AMAZING.

I chose the fried mac and cheese bites which were so amazing. Especially the sauce they were in. YUM. I had the steak with the most amazing garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. My third course was the brownie sundae and it was delicious, but I was too full by then. I did not accurately pace myself for this meal! It was so much food! I wish I could have taken the sundae home.

The crowd getting into Ford Field was so intense. That is a lot of people! 

The National Anthem was sang by this soprano and she did a really great job. The crowd just went wild.

The game was a lot of fun. The crowd was just insane. Super loud. Super rowdy. Super fun. We didn't get blown out either which was a plus. We were in the family section so alcohol wasn't allowed and it was kinda nice to not have drunk people all around us. Though the guys behind us were pretty intoxicated and obnoxious but also pretty hilarious. They sobered up as the game went on and quieted down a lot too. My favorite part was when we went to walk around before the first half was over and we grabbed a beer and went to watch the game in this standing area room while we drank our beers. The Lions scored a touchdown and everyone around us started high fiving all of us. It was a neat moment. I felt apart of it if that makes sense.

So now I can say I've been to my first Lions game. It was a long night and we didn't get home until after midnight, but it was a lot of fun with great friends.


Anne said...

Your hair is so long!!!

Melissa said...

So fun!! Also I wanted to say that you look so happy in all of these pictures :) All of your hard work is really showing!