Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a good one. Friday night we dropped Manny off at a friends' house and after work we went over there for a bonfire and pizza. The puppies played from 5:00 until 11:00. Sorry in advance for all the cute puppy play pictures below.

While the pups played I had a Cherry Wheat beer and pizza and we sat around the bonfire and talked. It was a good time!

Saturday morning we drank our coffee on the deck. Manny slept the entire day away. He was exhausted from all that playing yesterday. G mowed and weeded while I deep cleaned the whole house and did four loads of laundry.

To celebrate all the chores being done we went out to lunch. A cold beer after a hard days work always tastes better, right?

G and I shared all this food. G had the fries and ribs and I had the pulled pork and mac and cheese. So good!!

We did some grocery shopping and then came back home and I read on the deck. I just started Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. So far so good!

I love the view at sunset! We ate dinner on the deck and then I watched a few episodes of Scandal before calling it a night.

Sunday was Manny's second birthday!! We took him for a super long walk and gave him a new toy.

I think he likes it.

We did church online while we drank our coffee and then we got ready for the day. G and I prepped the food and my parents came over around one. We sat on the deck and each drank a beer. Manny was pretty tired from his walk. G got this bird feeder at a garage sale last week and hung it on the corner of the gazebo and the birds were putting on quite the show for my bird loving dad.

G grilled steak with this coffee rub we bought in Petoskey last year and it was so amazing. I made pasta salad and G also grilled pineapple. I don't think I can ever eat pineapple NOT grilled again. So delish!

My parents left around 6:00 and G and sat on the deck for a bit more before G went to watch the World Cup Soccer and I watched more Scandal. It was a great weekend! How was your weekend?


Jen Caputo said...

Looks like a lovely weekend! I loved Station Eleven!!! Great choice! Have you read The Martian yet? It's a fun read and looks like they're making a pretty sweet movie out of it.

Lindsey said...

I have not read The Martian, but I'm putting on my list. Thanks!! :)

Lindsey said...
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