Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Goals


Happy Spring is coming month! Winter is almost over and that fact makes me incredibly happy. We'll probably still have more snow and cold, but it's coming and that brings me comfort. Lets see what goals I have for this month.

1. Clean and organize the guest closet. No time like now for a little spring cleaning! Plus I promised G no big house projects for the month so cleaning this closet is a good compromise. It will just take a few hours one day and it needs to happen. DVDs, CDs, G's sled, all the gift bags, etc. It just became a catchall and it is begging to be organized. 

2. Lose five pounds this month. I was thisclose to reaching this goal last month and I plan on reaching it this month. I plan to clean my diet up this month and start seeing big results.

3. Clean the house every Thursday morning. Last Thursday we had to grocery shop after work so I knew after that I would not want to clean the house so I sacrificed my workout time and cleaned the whole house in under 45 minutes. I realized if I do this every Thursday I would never have to clean the house on a Saturday morning again. And it seems to go faster now that I am cleaning the house every week instead of biweekly. BLISS. I tried cleaning a bit every morning for 15 minutes but that just doesn't work for me. Once I get started I can't stop. Won't stop. I want to keep doing this on Thursdays and see how it goes. I leave for work in the best mood knowing the house is clean and I can relax after grocery shopping.

4. Follow Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout and cook one recipe from her meal plan. I cannot believe it's my last month of Body Revolution! It feels like it has gone fast and slow at the same time. I know, it doesn't make sense to me either. I haven't cooked one recipe from her meal plan, but I would like to try at least one this month and see how I like it.

5. Read 3 books this month. My coworker gave me What's so Amazing by Grace? by Philip Yancey and Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. I'm excited for some good books again now that I finished The Blacklist (such a great show! Hurry up Season 2 and get on Netflix!).

6. Plan something fun with friends once a week. We started doing this a few weeks ago. It wasn't even intentional, but it just started happening. Friends over for dinner last week, going to a friends house for dinner the next week, etc. I think doing one fun thing with friends a week is great because it isn't hard to keep up and it doesn't always have to be at our house. It also keeps us from being hermits during the coldness.

7. Check out a few new churches. We have been struggling with attending our church because it's a satellite campus and for the most part we just watch a screen. We started doing church online because it was easier to watch a screen at home than drive 20 minutes to watch a screen. I know it's about the fellowship and that is definitely what I miss. And I love the friendships we have at our church, but we do make time to see the people we want to see. After much discussion and prayer G and I decided it was best to at least check out a few churches in the area to see what they are all about. We don't have to make any decisions, but it would be nice to see a live pastor and maybe make some new friendships. We want to start getting involved in church again so exploring a few options and deciding on a church home needs to happen before we take that step. 

8. Schedule a hair appointment. I haven't had my hair did since last June. EEK. I don't even know why I keep putting it off. I need to get on it because I'm tired of the obmre. And I really need a trim.

What are your goals this month?

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