Friday, March 27, 2015

Fit Friday!

Workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - BR Workout 11
Tuesday - BR Workout 12
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and Cardio 3
Thursday - BR Workout 11
Friday  -  BR Workout 12 and walk an hour on lunch
Saturday - BR Cardio 3

Stick a fork in me I'm done with Jillian's 90 Day Body Revolution! It came just in time too because I'm tried of it. My muscles hurt. I'm tired of her voice. I'm ready to change it up next week! I'll share my 90 day results next week after I finish the cardio tomorrow and take another picture.

Weigh in this week:

Pounds Lost: 0 pound
To Go: 41 to go
Total Lost: 14 pounds

I am not gonna lie. I was a little bummed to see I maintained since my eating has been on POINT. But I talked to my girlfriend and she said my body is probably getting used to the food I'm eating because I'm pretty much eating the same things. She suggested maybe switching my crock pot dinner meals for lunch instead and lighten up dinner. Switch up my snack. Try a few new recipes.  So that is what I plan to do! Also, I think switching up from Jillian will be a nice change as well.

If you have any favorite breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner ideas I would love to hear them! 

Thoughts this week:


This quote resonated with me this week. Fear has held me back for so long in my journey and I'm finally conquering it. And this quote just made perfect sense. I should NOT be afraid to fail. I should be afraid for not trying. And I'm trying! Everyday I'm trying and THAT is what matters!

Eats this week:

I made a Spinach, Red Pepper and Onion Egg Bake with Cheddar. OMG so good. I think it's the best version I've made yet!

I've also had avocado on toast. An oldie but a goodie. Cibatta bread is a game changer. It caught my eye at Aldi's this week and couldn't pass it up. That is my fave bread.

Saturday we were running a ton of errands with Manny. He got groomed and updated on his shots. Then we took him to Pet Smart for an antler and a new toy to reward him for his good behavior. Since we were in the area we grabbed our favorite Mediterranean takeout. I ate half my falafel for lunch and the other half the next day.

I had a side of asparagus with my falafel sandwich. YUM. I like grilled asparagus best, but baked is a close second.

My lunches this week have been a turkey avocado sandwich with spinach and mustard with a side of carrots and an apple. YUM.

Monday and Tuesday we had spaghetti with lean ground beef and onions. We haven't had spaghetti in a long time so it really hit the spot.

My sweet friend I exchange recipes with made this chocolate chip oatmeal bake and it was the best yet! So delish.

A sweet friend brought me a Skinny Vanilla Latte and that made a perfect snack.

With a side of pistachios!

Wednesday night we had Qdoba. I forgot how good burrito bowls are. YUM.

Another favorite snack has been Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Kind bars. Holy delicious!

With a side of veggies!

Thursday night we didn't get home until super late so we grabbed sushi and shared this. I really could eat sushi every single day and never tire of it.

This morning I treated myself to a blueberry muffin. Yum!

Reads this week:

How to Handle the Negative Voice
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WIAW: Eat When You're Hungry, Not When it's 'Time'

How are you guys doing?
Any new snack/lunch/dinner ideas I should try out?


Anne said...

SO proud of you or finishing BR!! I like Jillian's workouts, but her voice and yelling would get to me- good job!
I usually eat leftovers for lunch, I'm so burned out on sandwiches. Altho I do like one that was a half can great northern beans mashed with a little chopped onion, s&p, and slice of tomato and/or avo on wheat toast. Yum! Also for breakfast I'm making oats, with milk, a handful cranberries, or half banana, spoon of chia or hemp seeds, couple tbs slivered almonds, and 1 square dove dk choc for sweetness and to start the day off on the right foot :) keeps me full several hours.

Anne said...

Your egg bakes look so good too! With a whole grain I bet that would keep you full for awhile too!