Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another great summer weekend in the books! We kicked off the weekend with a trip to the grocery store. How exciting, right? But Kroger has triple gas points if you shop on the weekends so that is how we roll. Look how healthy our cart is these days. Eggs, chicken, Skinny Pop, yogurt, cottage cheese and pop. 

We came home, put groceries away and G started grilling our feast. We had chicken, Brussels and pineapple all from the grill. So good!!!

Saturday morning we were both up at 7:00 a.m. That is so unlike me, but I did go to bed pretty early the night before. It was pouring rain, but I made a pop tart with a hard boiled egg and sat under the gazebo and listened to the rain come down. It was pretty relaxing! But a little chilly.

We came in and G hung my candle holders I got at the garage sales a few weeks ago for fifty cents. I love the way it looks! I cleaned the house, worked out, took Manny for a quick walk while the rain was light and then we got ready to meet friends for lunch.

We have this super cute winery in downtown that has great wine and really good pizza. 

We met friends we haven't seen in a long time. It was great to catch up. We split a pesto basil pizza and it was the bomb! I seriously loved it. This is the third pizza I've tried and I haven't had a bad one yet!

After some good pizza, wine and conversation we decided to try out this new brewery in our town. It was a little tour of our city and it was fun. As we drove there we found G's beloved Bennigan's had been torn down BUT there was a sign that Panera was coming! YAY! Anyway, so we each tried a beer at this new place. It was cool. Good atmosphere. The beer was fantastic. I had a strawberry ale and I enjoyed it very much. I love that cool little places are popping up in my sleepy little down.

We got home around 4:00 and headed to our neighbors house for a barbecue. These are the neighbors on the side of us we just wave at as we pass and we don't know them. But they invited us over to a party they were hosting and we wanted to get to know them better. They were so welcoming. We met their friends. Ate good food. We planned to only stay an hour but we got along with everyone so well we didn't leave until after 9:00! It was a really good time. It was nice just to be able to walk home too! We took Manny for a little walk and then read and called it a night.

Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous day so after we drank our coffee on the deck and did church online we packed Manny up and headed to the lake.

Seriously, such a gorgeous day. It was sunny and 70s. A little windy. But perfect for a run/hike around the lake.

I love this trail on the lake. G was surprised at how fast I was at my running and that I could keep up with him. Progress!

Manny loved all the new smells and sights. As usual, he wouldn't go near the lake. 

We came home and did some deck sitting. G and I both read on the deck and then G grilled steaks for us for lunch. Later that afternoon G went to watch soccer and I finished season 4 of Scandal. So good!!! Then I came back out and finished Station Eleven. It was a really good book. Well written.

The balloonfest was this weekend, but for the second year in a row it rained. It rained all Saturday so we didn't see any balloons. We didn't expect to see any on Sunday either because it was pretty windy all day. But that evening as we were on the deck we heard the balloon and came out to our driveway. So cool!

Such a cool site, right? I don't think I would ever want to get into a hot air balloon, but I like watching them from the ground. Glad they were able to take off this year!

It was a good weekend exploring our home town. Getting to know the neighbors. Relaxation. How was your weekend?

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