Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Goals Revisited

How the heck can June be over already? Summer is flying too fast and I need it to slow down. Here is how I did with my goals this month.

1. Take a day trip to Lake Michigan. Not only did we take a day trip to Lake Michigan for a day (wine tasting on the peninsula), but we went for a spontaneous weekend getaway up north. It was so much fun!

2. Clear out the flower beds in the front yard. It was much more work than I expected. I had a whole brown lawn bag full to the brim of weeds. But I felt so much better when it was over. I still need to dig out the dead rose bushes and trim down the irises, but progress!

3. Only watch TV for as many minutes as I worked out. I have cut out TV during the week completely. I like to do a few chores, eat dinner on the deck with G and then read for a few hours before bed. I don't miss TV at all. I walk an hour a day and run with Manny during the week so I'm working out about 7.5 hours a week and I pretty much save those 7.5 hours of TV for Scandal on Saturday or Sunday. Ha!

4. Read 3 books. I read The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and loved it. I couldn't put it down and those are always my favorite books to read. Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke and Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thomson were just okay. I just couldn't get into them and I don't know why.

5. Lose eight pounds this month. I lost four so I was halfway there. GAH! I know it's because I need to get stricter on the weekends. But that just makes me sad. I am happy that I'm losing consistently. Slowly but surely I will get there and I will keep it off! 

6. Savor the season. We put up our new gazebo earlier this month and that helped us savor the season. We have had great late night conversations out there. Early morning coffee out there. Dinners out there. Reading out there. Mixed in with grilling for family out there. It's just perfect! We even went on a spontaneous lake getaway and lots of walks outside. I'm enjoying every second of this summer. 

How did you do with your goals this month?

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