Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I lost 1.2 pounds this week for a grand total of 25 pounds lost this year!



Wednesday - Walk 4.5 miles (1.5 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Thursday - Shred Level 2 and walk on lunch
Friday - Walk 4.5 miles 
Saturday - Walk 3.5 miles with Manny and clean the house
Sunday - Walk 3.5 miles with Manny
Monday - Walk 4.5 miles
Tuesday - Shred Level 3 and walk 1.5 miles with Manny
Wednesday - Walk 4.5 miles


Breakfast has been a Jimmy Dean turkey sausage and egg white bowl (6 pp) and an apple (0 pp). 

Lunch has been a Dr. Preuger Quinoa and Kale Burger (4 pp) with a sweet pepper (0 pp) and half a slice of Laughing Cow Cheese (1 pp).

Wednesday night I had 2 cups of green beans (0 pp) and a Lean Cuisine mac and cheese (7 pp). Can I just say how amazing this mac and cheese is?!

Thursday night I saved enough points for Wendy's and it was so worth it. Chicken nuggets (12 pp) and a small fry (8 pp).

Friday night I had a beer sampler (5 pp), pulled pork (4 pp) and 1/2 of a small mac and cheese side serving (4 pp). We went to a local brewery with our neighbors and since we had this planned I saved weeklies for this nice treat.

Saturday was leftover pulled pork for lunch and a chicken burrito bowl for dinner (10 pp).

Sunday we had Jets so I used some weeklies for the ranch (11 pp), brussels (0 pp), and 3 slices of cheese bread (12 pp). 

Monday night was leftover Jets bread and broccoli (0 pp).

Tuesday night I had turkey (3 pp), mashed potatoes (4 pp), green beans (0 pp) and noodles (3 pp) with red wine (4 pp) with my neighbor while we baked cookies. It was so much fun!

How are you guys doing?


Anne said...

Great job Lindsey, that's awesome!!

stribble29 said...

Are you doing the new smart points or the old points plus? I hate the new system!!!! Congrats on your weight loss!!!

mags said...

That's so great! Congrats!