Friday, December 18, 2015

Life Lately

Friday we brought in donuts for the team because Friday. 

I did a bit more Christmas shopping Friday and bought a new sweater for Manny. I just cannot get over the cuteness.

Naturally I had to try these mac and cheese chips. The verdict? They taste like cheddar and sour cream / bbq chips. No thanks!

We had some family cuddling and some Flash watching. I also watched a few good Hallmark Christmas movies.

This weekend was so warm and I love it so much. My friend Kate was over so we walked around the neighborhood and looked at all the Christmas lights. Then G made us a fire and we listened to Christmas music and talked. It was so much fun!

Penguins and Bath and Body works candles are two of my favorite things. This scent is really, really strong but I love that it smells like we have a real tree.

On my weigh in day Sunday I finally hit 25 pounds lost so I celebrated with champagne, obviously. 

What's new with you?


mags said...

Oh Christmas, how I love you! Manny looks so cute! Congrats on your 25 pound weight loss! That's great. After losing 30 pounds this year, I'm trying to make smart eating choices while not depriving myself. It's going good so far...only 2 more Christmas parties to go! Looking forward to more holiday movies and 24 hours of A Christmas Story!

Anne said...

So proud of you!