Thursday, March 19, 2015

Loving Lately


Pitbulls of Instagram and Vizlas of Instagram. Cute puppies! Give me all the cute puppies. 

Fresh flowers are my happy. They make me smile everyday so they are worth buying weekly for me.


Soooo I thought for some reason there were 8 seasons on Netflix of Scandal so I started watching. Welp. There are only 3 seasons. I finished Season 3 last weekend and I'm going through withdrawal. I majorly binge watched it and quickly became obsessed. The story line is crazy and the acting is crazy good. I'm a huge fan. Part of me is relieved I'm caught up for now because I have my life back. Part of me is sad it's over. I want more Olivia Pope in my life.

Green nail polish. I put it on for St. Patrick's Day but I love it. I always love a good theme. It's bright and bold and fun. I think I might wear it more often.


I love this sign! I want it for my bathroom. Yes, I said my bathroom. I have the master bathroom and G has the guest upstairs bathroom. It works! Whenever I get around to decorating it I'll be purchasing this. 

Bath and Body Work 2 for $24 sale. I finished my last candle and it was a sad day. Then I got an email it was the last day for the 2 for $24 sale so I went to check out the new Spring collection. I wasn't a huge fan of the scents, but I fell hard for the Papaya Sunrise and Pineapple Mango scents. They smell amazing!


Dream Days app. It's a fun app that countdowns holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc for you. I'm kind of obsessed with it right now. 

Adopted puppies!!! G and I had always planned to get a Golden Retriever from a breeder when we were ready for a dog. But after meeting my SIL's rescued pup Kodi Ray and her family rescued pups Sweet Pea, Chili Bean, Lucy and Bandit our minds were changed. We were open to adopting a pup at the Humane Society. Even a Pit Bull mix after falling in love with my SIL's Pit mix, Lucy. We adopted Manny, a Lab Pit mix, and loved that we rescued him and just think the world of him. Our friend Robert was smitten with Manny too and changed his mind about a breeder and rescued a sweet Lab Collie mix, Gambit. He is so sweet! Another friend got a rescued Australian Shepherd mix yesterday too. Two pups were rescued from the Humane Societies yesterday, woohoo!!!!


A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins. I don't know why I'm just hearing this song for the first time now, but I love it. Thank you Pandora!

What are you loving lately?

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