Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten for Tuesday

1. I have a new favorite drink. It's called the Fleur de Lis and the one I had was vodka, St. Germain, grapefruit juice and sparkling wine. YUM.

2. G and I went on a nice date Thursday evening to J. Alexander's. I haven't been there in forever but it was just as great as I remember. Best club I ever ate. And those shoestring fries, YUM!

3. We started ballroom dancing lessons with friends on Friday nights. This past week was our first lesson and it was so much fun. Even G loved it. So before class Felicia and I ran to the restroom and then got to talking and were late for class... Then we get in there and the boys were like "Where were you guys?! The class was starting to think we were a couple." HAHAHA.

4. But it was so much fun. I was out of my comfort zone and a little nervous I wouldn't catch on but the instructor was so good at teaching that I caught on quickly. I think these classes are going to be so good for our marriage. It's fun to try a new skill together and to be playful together and feel connected. Highly recommend! 

5. After class we went out for beers to celebrate. I'm really looking forward to the extra time with our sweet friends. We went to their house for dinner before class and then we went out after. It was great community and I think it will really build our relationship as we continue this weekly.

6. These pictures pretty much summed up my weekend. Red wine and Scandal. Rising Strong and La Croix. It was just a very restful weekend. Sprinkling in some church and yard work and cooking. Perfection.

7. Since we moved into our town almost five years ago we have been hoping for a Panera and it has finally arrived!!!

8. The weather has just been too perfect here lately. 70s and sunny all last week which is incredible because I read last year at this time it was 18 degrees and snowing. ICK. Even this weekend was sunny and mid-50s which was awesome. Manny is getting tons of walks and is just loving it.

9. G made tacos this weekend and realized we were out of taco seasoning. So I made my own! It was a hit and I don't think I'll ever buy taco seasoning again.

10. I started watching Alias and so far I like it, but I don't love it. I have also started watching Parenthood again and am getting into that again. What else should I be watching? I need a new show to obsess over!

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