Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dream House

G and I have started browsing houses closer to work just to see what is out there. Unfortunately I'm not finding any houses in our budget that I like better than the house we have now. I did find my dream house though. Too bad it's $399,000. 

We are starting to think about buying land on a lake and building since the houses on lakes in our price range are just way too much work. But for fun I wanted to share this amazing gem I found that I would never own because I will never need that much space. 5,000 square feet to clean? No thank you. It's fun to daydream though!

I mean, the curb appeal on this house alone is just breathtaking. The face brick. Those black shutters. Swoooooon.

And then to find out it had a lake in the back?! Cherry. On. Top.

I'll take that couch too please and thank you.

All that wood in the living room and kitchen doesn't even bother me because THAT PANTRY. Amazing!!

Love all the windows so stinking much.

The bedrooms are beautiful, but that master bathroom just MAKES IT. I want the jetted tub and fireplace!!

Where do I sign?! I can just envision making an awesome bed and breakfast out of this house. Isn't it dreamy?

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Anne said...

Maybe we should buy that house and split it :-) plenty of room for all four of us! I too am dreaming of building on a lake. But even the property by itself is so expensive! Maybe someday, but maybe not!