Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life Lately

Friday night we met my parents at this cute restaurant for dinner and drinks. 

I ordered the Crumedgen which I hated (too strong and bitter) but my dad generously offered to take my beer and give me his Rochester Red. So much better!

We started out with garlic bread sticks with beer cheese dip and it was as delicious as it sounds.

G and I shared the Mediterranean pizza and it was seriously amazing.

I can't wait to go back! There are so many more entrees I want to try and they have a South African Margarita I'm dying to try and I want to sit on the patio next time. Can't wait to go back!

After a delicious dinner and good conversation we walked around downtown and watched the band in the town square for a bit. It was such a fun night!

Saturday morning I drank my coffee then Manny and I headed on an hour long walk. G was cleaning the garage when we got back so I cleaned the house and did Insanity and then we made lunch and watched some TV together.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy. I hung out on the deck reading while the rain softly fell onto the gazebo. So relaxing!! I also watched a few episodes of Parenthood.

Sunday was for coffee and chocolate croissants while we watched church online. Then G and I took Manny for a run/walk around the neighborhood. We came back and I did The Shred and G put the pool away and grocery shopped for the week.

G made his famous beef stroganoff and then he spent the day watching soccer. 

I started Hart of Dixie and got super into it and binge watched it all day. Even Manny embraced the lazy weekend. 

Sometimes you just need a relaxing weekend at home filled with Netflix. I loved every second of it. Except when the smoke detectors started going off at 5:30 in the morning. Scared us to death. A bit of a misunderstand... We went downstairs and realized the candle in the bathroom was still lit and the flame was SUPER high and the wall was black and it was so smokey in there. Oh my gosh, it could have been so much worse. We were both so shaken up. I was still half asleep but luckily G pulled it together and blew out the candle. Turned the kitchen fan on. Opened windows. The alarms went off. The smoke left and we went back to sleep. I have respect for candles now. No more lighting the bathroom candle! I've left that lit before and it's just not worth the risk. 

Wednesday night our Bible study was cancelled so we could go to the brewery with our coworkers like they do on Wednesday nights.

We ate good food.

Drank good beer (amber ale, my fave!).

Played this fun dice game Tenz. LOVED IT.

And played Cards against Humanity. It's not my favorite game in the world, but last night's round was pretty hilarious. I even won a black card which NEVER happens. Overall, a super fun night with super fun friends.

Phew. So that's life lately. 


Anne said...

We had Rochester Red at our wedding! Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend. I need to clean my house more faithfully, I hate doing it, but love having a clean house, haha, catch 22

Kenya said...

We had a lazy weekend too and it was amazing. Sometimes you just have to say no to everything going on and enjoy being home.

Glad you caught the candle in time before it got worse! Thank goodness for the smoke alarms.

Manny is so big too!!! love it.

Brandi said...

Girl that is why I don't burn candles anymore. I use Scentsy products and they keep the rooms smelling amazing without the flame! :)

Christina Cadden said...

Looks like a fun weekend!