Friday, September 4, 2015

Fit Friday!

Workouts this week:

Sunday: Walk Manny for 50 minutes and The Shred
Monday: Run with Manny and walk an hour on lunch
Tuesday: Insanity and walk with Manny
Wednesday: Run with Manny and walk an hour on lunch
Thursday: Insanity and run with Manny
Friday: Run with Manny and walk on lunch
Saturday: Walk Manny and 30 Day Shred

I felt so good working out this weekend that I wanted to incorporate a few quick workouts during the week too. I did 20 minutes of Insanity Plyo (my fave) Tuesday and Thursday and it felt so great.

Thoughts this week:

I realized one of the biggest shifts in thinking I've made during this journey is instead of asking myself "What do you want?" I ask myself "Am I hungry?" Sometimes by asking that question I will eat lunch at 11:00 and sometimes I'll eat lunch at 2:00. It's helping me stay in tune with my body and listen to when I'm hungry. Am I really hungry? Or am I bored? Stressed? I'm more aware and it helps me not overeat because I'm not eating my emotions. I'm eating to nourish my body. HUGE mind shift for me!!

In other news, I really hope to be down on Sunday when I weigh in. I finally weighed in last weekend after almost a month off and I was only up .4 which isn't great. But after not weighing in for so long I was relieved I didn't gain everything back. PHEW. Now that I got out of the weigh I'm excited to do weekly weigh ins again to track progress. 

Eats this week:

Breakfasts this week have been 2 whole wheat waffles with TJ's chia seed and flax seed peanut butter with cinnamon. YUM!

A sweet friend brought me a non fat vanilla latte so that was a fun morning treat.

Lunches this week has been leftovers. Leftover pizza from Friday night really hit the spot.

Leftover TJ's lo mein.

Mexican food at a team lunch. Yummmmm.

Snacks this week have been cottage cheese...

Or smoothies.

Or lattes.

Monday night we ate leftover beef strog. It doesn't look good but it was amazing!

Tuesday night was low key with laundry and reading. I just threw together some TJ Lo Mein with broccoli and it was delicious.

Wednesday night we went to the bar with friends and G and I split this huge sandwich. It looked amazing but was lacking in the flavor department. Major bummer!

Thursday night was a TJ spinach pie.

Tonight we are going to a friends house for a puppy playdate. It will probably be pizza so I'm going to load up on fruits and veggies during the day. 

Good Reads:

16 Ways to Boost Your Body Confidence (I love a good infographic)

6 Habits of Body-Positive People (LOVE, though not sure I agree with #6)

How are you doing? 
Any notable meals this week that I should try?

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Taryn said...

Do you have a recipe for you stroganoff?? I was just searching for a good recipe!

Also - consider that #6. When I was recovering from disordered eating I made an effort to stop making comments about others bodies- good or bad. Including weight changes. If you stop saying it- you stop reinforcing that you need to look and judge other bodies. The less I said anything- even if I thought it- the less power the thoughts had. I think about other people's bodies much less now. Good luck!