Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

I love me some fall. Give me all the cool weather. Leaves changing. Pumpkin caramel scented candles. Yes please! Here is what I hope to accomplish this month.

1. Go to a Lion's game. This is more for G than me but I know I'll enjoy it and be glad I went. I feel I should go to one football game in my life.

2. Morning devotional and prayer journaling each morning. I'm just more successful with this discipline if I make it a monthly goal so I can keep myself accountable. I really love this time in the morning. It just makes the day so much better. Lately I've felt so discontented and restless and it's because I'm lacking in my alone time with God. I need it!

3. Grocery shop at Aldi's. G and I have a few vacations we want to take next year so we are trying to be more aggressive about saving and we found one of the easiest and painless ways to save is to shop at Aldi's. We save about $50 a week when we shop at Aldi's so I'm going to make it a goal to shop here once a week even though Kroger is closer and more convenient. It's worth the money saved and they have great products so I need to go the extra mile (literally).

4. Lose six months this month. It will be doable this month. No excuses. No birthdays or weekend getaways. The weather will be getting chilly so I can start making chili and soups in the crock. It's on! I'm so ready to see the scale start to move again.

5. Find a church to call home. We started looking a few months ago, but then we went on vacation and then had a few weekend getaways and we just started doing church online again. It's time to stop being lazy and start looking for a church again.

6. Go to the farmer's market. I would like to make this a tradition that we go to at least once a year and we haven't gone yet this year so it's time. I want to support local farmers and just enjoy the time walking around our downtown. 

7. Date night once a week. This summer has been a summer of yes. We said yes to the dinners. To the Bible Study. To the weekends away. And I don't want to completely hibernate now that it's fall. I would like to do something once a week out of the ordinary. Try a new restaurant. Have people over. Go for a hike at a park. I really think doing something new and fun strengthens your relationship and I don't want to get out of the habit even if summer is over.

What are your goals this month?


Christina Cadden said...

I keep saying I need to go to the Farmer's market. I love it but I always forget after the fact!!

Anne said...

Those sound like wonderful goals! You can do it!

Shell said...

I was thinking this week I need to go to Aldis its less 2 miles from my house. What do buy there?