Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Years Recap

We celebrated Ella's first birthday on New Year's Day. My SIL's family hosted her party and it was really nice to see Jess' side of the family since we don't get to see them very often. I'm obsessed with Jess' parents house. They renovated it and it is so my style. Burnt orange front door, white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and their dining room light is exactly what I had in mind. Ha!

My mom made this adorable cake for the celebration.

And this sweet little smash cake for her to enjoy. But more on that later!

Ella loved opening presents. She didn't like that she had to go on to another present though, she was content playing with the toy she had just opened. Adorable!

She's reaching in to get the gift her Auntie L and Uncle G got her!

I got her this stuffed fox that sings "What does the fox say?" and dances. It's really adorable. Not to brag, but it was a hit!

But the present that stole the show was Jess' dad's toy box he made Ella in his workshop. And BTW, G now wants a fancy wood shop in the basement like his! He did such a beautiful job on it and I just know it will be something she cherishes and maybe gives to her kids someday. 

After presents Ella got to enjoy her smash cake. She loved it!

It was the cutest thing ever just watching her shovel it in.

After cake we relaxed and chatted. I got some snuggle time with Ella and then we drove to Eric and Jess' house to check out their new basement. Eric spray painted the ceiling black and did all the dry wall himself. He painted the walls a light green, installed all the can lighting and it looks professionally done. I wish I took a picture because the basement looked amazing!! So bright and happy and so much space!

Afterwards we stopped at Crispelli's because we are obsessed with their veggie sandwich and pizza. We grabbed a glass of wine while we waiting and got take out for lunch the next day. Hey, when you live in the boonies like we do you gotta stock up on good food when you're around it! 

How was your New Years?

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