Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Goals

I'm loving doing monthly goals. I find these so much more attainable since I re-evaluate each month and make specific goals for each month. I love a fresh start a new year brings and as much as I used to love resolutions, I think I won't make resolutions this year and just stick to monthly goals each month. I'm much more successful this way! But with that being said, these goals will set the tone for the year so they will be month and a bit year based as well. 

1. Paint nails once a week. I used to paint my fingernails in high school and college, but after I got married I just stopped. I guess it was just a hassle and for about 7 years I had about three nail polishes I would rotate on my toes. But I started painting my fingernails again and I love it! I just love the way my hands look when I type at my desk or hold a cup of coffee. Instant happy! It's the little things so I would like to keep this up! G got me a few more colors for Christmas so I am excited to try them out.

2. Lose ten pounds this month. I plan on losing 45 pounds this year and MAINTAINING it. I'm really sick of losing ten, gaining ten, etc. This is going to be my year! I'm a disciplined, goal oriented person and it drives me insane that I keep failing at losing once and for all. But I know I will be successful this year. I want it bad enough. I've developed some good habits. I'm enjoying my journey. It's my time!!

3. Do a morning devotional every morning. I started Jesus Calling on Jan 1st and plan to do it everyday of this year. Mark my words! I even got a pretty, new journal to inspire me to journal my prayers more this year/month.

4. Follow Jillian Michael's Body Revolution workout and meal plan. I bit the bullet and ordered this. The reviews were actually really good. Surprisingly, the reviews were better than any Beach Body program and this was much cheaper. As much as I loved T25, Insanity and P90X I got injured doing them and they were all borrowed from other people and had to be given back. So I wanted something that I could keep and continue doing whenever I wanted. I also never got injured doing any of Jillian's DVDs so that was a huge factor in ordering. I'm excited to follow the meal plan. I'm excited to try all 15 videos! I love Jillian so much so I'm sure I'll love this. I just do better when I have a plan and now I do. Jillian is my personal trainer and I have no doubts she won't kick my butt into gear. Bring it on!

5. Read 3 books this month. Since I set this goal each month last year I've read over 25 books. Most of them have been easy fictional reads so I might make this goal more specific and try to incorporate some educational, theological books as the year progresses.  But for now I am just enjoying the fun reads. I love getting lost in a good book. In another world. And even if the books are mindless fun it's still better than watching TV, right? I just started Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult and it's really good!

6. Cook one new recipe a week. I think I'll hit this goal out of the park this month since I'll be trying many new Jillian Michaels' recipes. So excited!!!

7. Host dinner once this month. I don't think reaching this goal this month will be too hard. I already have a Candle Exchange with my co-workers on the calendar for this month at my house and I couldn't be more excited for it!

8. Clean or organize 20 minutes a day. One week last month we had plans to host friends on a Thursday, but had plans every night that week leading up to Thursday. Soooo I spent 20 minutes each morning speed cleaning. Monday I vacuumed, Tuesday I dusted, Wednesday I cleaned the bathrooms and Thursday I cleaned the kitchen / emptied the dishwasher / set the table. The feeling of not having to clean the whole house after work or during my weekend was incredible. I really would like to get in the habit of just spending 20 minutes each morning doing one of these tasks and if they are all complete maybe spend those 20 minutes organizing a pantry or a closet. I am a morning person and I enjoy the productivity. It may be a bit too much to tackle since I also do my devotional, walk Manny and work out but I'd like to try adding it and see how it goes.

I know a lot of these are repetitive, but I have found that if I don't keep them on here I stop doing them. The accountability of putting them on here really helps. 

Give me your goals this month!


Anne said...

Yeah! You can do it! I like painted nails too, so pretty :)

Shell said...

Try the Sally Hasen miracle gel, you can use the topcoat even with regular polish.

stribble29 said...

Good for you girl! Shoot for small goals like 3-5 pounds a month. Don't stress yourself out with big goals. If you lost 3-5 pounds a month that would be 36-60 pounds this year!!! Just remember to do workouts and diets you can maintain. It truly is a lifestyle change. You can do it girl!

hopeistrying said...

I would LOVE to get back into painting my nails. That's a great one! Also, if you like Jodi Picoult, you should absolutely add "The Storeteller" to your list at some point this year. It's SUCH a phenomenal book.

You've got this, girl! I shoudl start posting this kind of stuff on my blog, too, for accountability. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Do you have GoodReads? Would love to follow you to see what you're reading. :)