Thursday, June 25, 2015

Jurassic World Review

G and I planned an impromptu date night Tuesday night. We tried out a new sushi restaurant. The sushi was good, but not great. The atmosphere was a bit lack luster, but the service was great. It was quick too which was great because we had plans to see Jurassic World

G and I don't go to the theater often at all. I think the last movie we saw together was Avatar. Yikes. I was a huge fan of Jurassic Park so I really wanted to see Jurassic World in theaters. I love dinosaurs. I love action movies. I love the great recliner seating at the theater so I can lay down while enjoying the movie. Also, our theater is $5 on Tuesdays. Can't beat it!


Now. The movie! OMG. It was AMAZING. The dinosaurs were incredible. I adored the story line. I jumped out of my chair about four times and even grabbed G once when I got freaked out. Love it! G even got scared once and said "whoa" out loud in the silent theater. I looked at him and he whispered "Did I say that out loud?" HA!

It was a really fun movie. I haven't enjoyed a movie like that in a long time! Mission Impossible is coming out next month so I think we'll be going back to the theater again real soon! 

What have you seen lately and loved?


Rebecca Jo said...

I so loved this movie too. Remember the first one & was scared this one would be a joke compared to it... nope - it stands on its own. & plus, Chris Pratt. Enough said :)

anneseverydaylife said...

I liked it too! I was thinking Doug was going to be embarrassed of me I kept saying 'no!' And 'run!' Haha