Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Life Lately

Last Thursday we had a fancy Thanksgiving dinner at work. How awesome are these centerpieces? Everyone brought a dish and I'm not even a huge fan of Thanksgiving food but there were 7 kinds of mashed potatoes which is heaven. Heaven on my plate.

Friday night we had dance class and it was so much harder than the last week. We struggled more this time but I still had a great time. I made the most of it and just had fun with it. 

Saturday we went to my parents' house for dinner. We had margaritas and tacos and visited with my cousin and aunt and uncle from out of town. It was really nice.

It was also great Ella time. She is just the sweetest, happiest kid I ever met.

Sunday we went with my parents to our local theater production of Mary Poppins. I could not get over how good the acting and singing was. Seriously, so good. This 14 year old girl sang Feed the Birds and she just stole the show. My parents came over after for dinner and it was just a lovely afternoon.

So Sunday night G's tooth was bugging him and he couldn't sleep all night because it got so painful. Monday morning his tooth hurt so bad he could barely move. Luckily G was able to get right in with an oral surgeon and get his tooth removed. Poor guy, though. It took over an hour of pulling to get the tooth out. OUCH. G is now on medicine and eating soft foods like Ramen Noodles and mashed potatoes. He is on the road to recovery.

Monday afternoon while G recovered we had a movie day. We watched Inside Out (super cute and creative with a great message) and The Gift (really interesting until it got messed up). While we were watching the previews for Mad Max (not my kind of movie so I checked out after 5 min) we saw a preview for the new Superman movie. Our friend had been an extra in the movie and described the scene he was in and how it could be cut. But as a die hard Superman fan it was a great experience for him to have Superman walk right by him. Well wouldn't you know it that during the preview his scene showed up!!! We texted him and found out he is on the far right, closest to Superman. How awesome is that?!

So that's life lately. What's new with you guys?

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Rebecca Jo said...

oh gosh - I hate dental issues more then anything. At least its out now for your hubs.

Love you are doing dance classes. how fun!