Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was good. We actually had a jam packed weekend, but after getting some tough news we decided to cancel our plans and process the news and just be sad. Friday night we finally finished putting up the gazebo and lights. We lit a candle and sat on the deck until almost midnight just talking. It was nice.

Saturday we decided to do something fun and get out of the house. We had a few friends over for brunch (donuts and quiche) and Irish Coffee then we drove down the road to these sub garage sales we go to every year. 

This sub is huge and we walked over 7,000 steps. I found a collar for Manny and G found a shovel and bird feeder. I also found some super cute Gap clothes that had never been worn. Score! I'm not sure why Chad didn't buy that chair, it looks super comfortable right? ;)

After garage saling my SIL went home (but not until she found some super fun toys and clothes for Ella!) and the rest of us went to the local winery for a tasting.

Then we grabbed a table and shared a veggie pizza. It was so good! It felt good to just relax. Laugh. Be silly. Good for the soul. 

And I just love this quote from Abe that was in the winery.

We walked around downtown for a bit. Walked through a few shops and then grabbed a coffee and hung out at our house for a bit.

After everyone left G and I walked Manny and then I sat outside to read Girl on the Train some more. I had been reading it anytime I had a few minutes and I wasn't super into it after 130 pages. But then all of a sudden it just got crazy good and I couldn't put it down so I was up until midnight finishing it. I think I liked it better than Gone Girl. Gone Girl caught my interest from the very beginning, but Girl on the Train had a better ending.

Sunday it was just pouring rain. It finally stopped around 11:30 and the sun came out so G and I tried to walk Manny, but it started to rain again about 5 minutes into our walk. So we came back home and snuggled obviously. 

I did a workout video, showered and made lunch. I ate leftover Chinese food from Friday night with a serving of broccoli. It was still pouring outside while G and I ate. I loved having no plans and just listening to the rain.

Then I realized Season 4 of Scandal was on Netflix so the rest of my day was shot. I binge watched this show because I'm obsessed. It's just as good as it always is and I'm so excited to have Olivia Pope back in my life.

How was your weekend?

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anneseverydaylife said...

So sorry for your loss, and sorry we missed you this weekend. Looks like it ended up being pretty good though