Friday, June 19, 2015

Fit Friday

The workouts:

I'm run/walking every morning for about 45 minutes. I just love this weather and I like that I'm taking full advantage of it. There will be plenty of time to do the 21DF workouts when the snow and freezing temps come. 

I'm not trying to beat a time or anything, but I shaved 5 minutes off my time on Thursday and it felt great. I was feeling so good and strong. Manny was really into it and his running made me run faster. Feels so good.

The results:


Pounds Lost: 1 lb
Total: 20

WOOHOO! I finally reached the 20 pound milestone. I actually weighed in last Sunday and was down 20 so I'm sticking to Sundays as my weigh in day again. I'm so excited! Here are just a few other perks of being 20 pounds down:
  • Wearing a size medium again
  • My face is thinner
  • I can run longer and stronger
  • Noticing muscle definition in my arms
  • My wedding rings are thisclose to fitting

The eats:

My breakfasts this week have been a spinach and feta quiche. So good!

Or an Evol breakfast sandwich. This one was egg and smoked gouda and it was delicious. 

Since I still hadn't grocery shopped yet I ate a Bagel Thin with Veggie cream cheese and a protein shake. It was good but I'm missing eggs. I am really on an egg kick lately.

My lunches this week have been an oldie but a goodie. A half cup of rice, half an avocado and half cup of black beans. Amaze!

Or leftover Johnsonville turkey sausage with half an avocado. 

My snacks this week have been a Fiber One Cinnamon Coffee Cake.

Or cottage cheese.

Monday night we went out for 25% off sushi. The last time we went there was an hour wait, but now that Michigan State is out for summer it was only a five minute wait. YES! It was so good!

Tuesday night I had a turkey sausage brat with a side of spaghetti squash with Laughing Cow cheese melted on it. So good. And a cup of pineapples. Kind of random but it was good. Did I mention I need to grocery shop?

Wednesday we had small group at the coffee shop and I got the same thing I had last week because it was that good. Pesto Artichoke Panini with fruit. YUM. And leftovers for lunch the next day? Even better!

Thursday night we worked late and so we just grabbed pizza for dinner (with a side of Brussels). I was too hungry to take a picture. We ate on the deck and it was so relaxing. 

How are you guys doing?


Jen Caputo said...

Yay!!! Congrats cousin!!!

Lindsey said...

Thanks cuz!!!!