Wednesday, February 18, 2015


On Monday G and I celebrated seven years of marriage. How crazy is that? How can it be seven years already?! Time flies when you're in love.

After work G and I went to dinner at Capital Prime to celebrate. The atmosphere is really cool here and our server was great. It's fun to be wined and dined once and a while.

My sweet friend gave us a free appetizer coupon so we tried the crab cakes and they were divine.

I ordered the filet with mashed potatoes and veggies. The potatoes were "whipped with Boursin cheese" and I was skeptical, but they were actually the most amazing potatoes. So good! The steak was also delicious, but it was just soaked in butter. Blah! You don't need all that butter when you have such a gorgeous cut of steak. I was able to scrape most of it off and it made excellent leftovers the next day.

It was fun to try a new restaurant, reflect on the past year, set goals for our next year of marriage, laugh, and just enjoy quality time together. We came home and watched our wedding video. A few things I noted from watching it again:

  • Hi tiny waist and toned arms! I want you back. Also, I still love my dress and I can't wait for the day it fits again because I will definitely wear it again.
  • Our pastor did such a great job. I loved his sermon on serving and forgiving. His advice was spot on for a solid marriage.
  • Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin is still the best version of Amazing Grace out there. And our DJ who filled in at the last minute and sang it still gives me goosebumps. Seriously, he did the best job.
  • I love G more than I did on our wedding day and back then I just didn't think that was even possible. Our love is deeper. Stronger. We have grown up and we communicate so much better. We forgive better. We love each other better because we know how to serve each other and how to let go of the selfishness. I love us.
  • My arms! How did I get them so toned?!

Lastly, the daddy daughter dance. My dad and I danced to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle. I didn't get a chance to say it at the reception and it's one of my biggest regrets so I'll say it now. That song has always been my dad and my song. My dad gave me butterfly kisses every night when he tucked me into bed. And Eskimo kisses too. It was our thing. That is why that is OUR song. Every time I hear that song I get emotional. I remember sitting in the family room at my parents house with G and my parents. We were talking about songs we wanted played at the wedding. I played Butterfly Kisses and my mom, dad and I all started crying. Poor G looked at all of us and said "We don't have to get married." 

That song is powerful. It will forever by my dad and my song. It will always remind me of our relationship and all those nights of butterfly kisses before bed. Dad, you definitely did something right. This butterfly is spreading her wings and flying. Love you to the moon and back.


Kenya said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Amanda Solimando said...

Happy anniversary!!

mags said...

So wonderful. Happy Anniversary!