Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thirteen for Thursday

1. I love Valentine's Day. I think the world could use more days celebrating love. My sweet coworkers gave out some fun valentines. One Direction and Aerial, does it get any better than that? 

2. I put some peanut butter in Manny's kong and let it freeze before giving it to him. That was our gift to him on Valentine's Day. 

3. I think he liked it, no?

4. I painted my nails pink for the holiday. It makes me smile every time I look at them. I also wore pink on Valentine's Day and pink heart earrings. I'm such a nerd sometimes.

5. I came downstairs on Valentine's Day to the most beautiful flowers and they matched my colorful kitchen. G said he was going to get the traditional red roses, but thought they wouldn't match our kitchen. How thoughtful of him, right?!

6. When it comes to picking out cards G is the master. He knows how much I love them so he always takes his time to pick out the perfect card that I would just love. He just gets me, you guys.

7. Case in point, look at this one for our anniversary. That is so US. Love it! I love cards so much that I save them. I have a box full of every card G has ever given me and I love to look back on them. Anyone else?

8. Are you guys watching American Idol this season? There is some really good talent this year that even G is into it. It's fun watching with him because he has an ear for music. I, on the other hand, do not. G will critique the singer and then the judges will say pretty much the same exact thing. It makes watching even more fun! Speaking of good TV, I'm also loving Ground Floor. It's in it's second season and I'm so glad it's back! It's just as funny and awesome as ever. 

9. With all the kitchen excitement I never told you what I got G for his birthday. I did GOOD this year. I found this Groupon for 6 bottles of wine delivered to your door with a $50 gift card for $24! SCORE. It was really fun when the bottles of wine came in and we could check them out, display them in the wine rack and try new wine. It came during a kitchen renovation and that is the best time for wine to come if you ask me. I also found the English version of Cook and Enjoy on Amazon. It's a popular South African cookbook G's mom used to cook all his favorite meals. It has been fun to read it with G and hear about family favorite recipes and stories. We already made the Shepherd's Pie and it was amazing.  

10. Over the weekend G got me hooked on The Blacklist. He watched the pilot and told me I would love it and he's right. I'm hooked. G lost interest but I binge watched it all weekend and I can't stop thinking about it. It's the reason I wasn't productive this week. It's my new addiction. I'm mad G got me hooked to a show only it's in third (?) season because I like to start shows once they are over so I don't have to wait. But it is what it is. I love it even more now that I found out the leading actress is from Petoskey, MI.

11. Can you tell I haven't been reading lately? I haven't been able to get sucked into a book lately and that is a bummer. I had been on a good book streak, but it has ended. The last three books I haven't been into at all. I didn't even finish the last book I started and I usually just don't do that. The library needs to get on it with better book options so I stop watching so much TV.

12. As part of our anniversary gift we bought new dishes and plates to match our bright new kitchen. I think every 7 years you should get to buy new dishes. It's fun to not see red and black anymore. I donated all my old stuff to a coworker and bough fun, bright colored things. Turquoise plates and bowls, yellow mugs that scream HAPPY to me, and a new coffee maker that starts making coffee while I'm still in bed. WHAT?! It's the best thing ever!

13. Speaking of fun new stuff for the kitchen, can we talk about our new kettle? It turns bright blue when the water is boiling and looks like a lava lamp. It's so mesmerizing. 


Anne said...

Gorgeous flowers! I like cards too, that was one thing I had to "teach "Doug :-) The new plates and mugs sound awesome! But now are you going to have to paint your red dining room?! Never ending :) so my book club is reading Same Kind of Different as Me. Good so far, and true story

Kenya said...

I want that kettle!!!!

Lindsey said...

The dining room is merlot which is a really deep red and I love it. I always hated my red and black plates and mugs weren't the same shade of red so that is why I chose turquoise. It goes well in the kitchen and with the maroon walls in the dining room. But the projects are never ending, now I want to paint the cabinets in all the bathrooms.