Friday, February 20, 2015

Fit Friday!

Workouts this week:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Walk an hour on lunch and Body Revolution (BR) Workout 7
Tuesday - Walk an hour on lunch
Wednesday - Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 8
Thursday - Walk an hour on lunch
Friday  - Walk an hour on lunch and BR Workout 7
Saturday - BR Cardio 2

I started the next set of videos and it is really hard. I don't know why I'm surprised. Jillian starts Workout 7 saying she is going to kick our butt like we owe her money. And then she proceeded to do just that. OW. I like hard workouts, but not when they are 36 minutes long. Then I start to dread them. I'm trying to push through because I know I'm going to get so toned if I keep this up. But sheesh. It is so intense. 

The cardio is so much jumping it aggravates me knee so I have only been doing it once a week.I figure with all the walking I'm doing that is okay. There is only so much Jillian I can take and I'm starting to reach my limit. Also, I can barely lift my arms the next day so giving myself a little rest is okay with me. 

Weigh in this week:

Pounds Lost: .2 pounds
To Go: 45 to go
Total Lost: 11 pounds

Well. Not what I expected, but I'll take it. A loss is a loss is a loss. I'm lifting weights four times a week so I know I'm building muscle as well. I tried on a skirt that hasn't fit in 2 years and it zipped up effortlessly so I know I'm losing inches. I'm seeing muscle in my arms and legs and even G said he noticed a difference in my face and waist so I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

Thoughts this week:


This quote really spoke to me. Losing this time has been the biggest challenge this time around. These Jillian workouts have been the most challenging for me. Watching my portions and eating more veggies has been challenging. Saying no after I know I'm full is challenging. But it's comforting to know that it's OKAY that it is challenging. That doesn't mean you quit. It doesn't mean you aren't doing it right. It just means it's worth it. It's changing me. Growing pains, people. Growing pains.

Breakfast this week:

Three Ingredient Pancakes. I made a big batch of them Sunday and ate them during the week with a bit of crunchy peanut butter, cinnamon, and a side of strawberries.

I made another egg bake this week, this time with feta! Feta MAKES this meal. So good! I also didn't cook the spinach on the stove before hand this time and it still turned out just as good and a little bit easier to make.

Lunches this week:

Turkey sandwich on a Sandwich Thin with spinach and mustard and a side of sugar snap peas and an apple. I actually split all this food into small meals. I ate the pretzels and hummus around 11:30 and then had the sandwich and peas around 1:30 and the apple around 3. 

I switched it up one day and had Italian Wedding Soup with 2 clementines and sugar snap peas.

Snack this week:

Skinny Pop is my new obsession. 3 cups for 150 calories and it doesn't taste like your typical cardboard healthy popcorn. It is flavorful! Even G digs it. It's the perfect snack on the weekend when I'm craving something salty.

Berry smoothies are becoming a staple afternoon snack at work. I get some good greens in and it beats the packaged snack I would usually eat.

Dinners this week:

Meal planning for the win!

Sunday night we had tacos with ground turkey.

Monday night we went out to dinner for our anniversary. I ate half the steak, potatoes and veggies and took the rest home for Tuesday night dinner.  I think it tasted even better Tuesday!

I could eat tacos every day. That's how much I love them. So I was super excited G was up for tacos again Wednesday night. My girlfriend told me about how much she loved putting chicken, salsa verde, taco seasoning and a beer in the crock pot for tacos so I was curious to try them. The verdict? AMAZE. I had two and I believe chicken tacos don't need sour cream or spinach or anything else. The chicken was so flavorful! I had a side of Brussels with it and it was very filling. 

Thursday night G had tacos again with the leftover chicken and I made a burrito bowl with the chicken. Avocado, brown rice, spinach and salsa chicken. SO GOOD! It was the closest I've come so far to replicating Qdoba's version. YUM. I think I'll be making this again very soon.

How are you guys doing?


Rachel said...

How do you make the chicken in the crock pot? chicken breasts? and how long on crock pot? thanks!

Lindsey said...

I used 3 large, boneless, skinless chicken breasts straight from the freezer to the crock pot. Seasoned the frozen chicken with taco seasoning, poured a jar of salsa next and then a can of beer and cooked it on low for 9.5 hours.

Anne said...

Great job Linds! Everything looks good and slow but sure progress :)

Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

Yum! Your tacos look great, I've never used ground turkey before, I'll have to give it a try! :)