Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Goals

The leaves are starting to change. The air is crisper and cooler. My fall candles are in full swing. I love this time of year! I don't know where September went, but I'm embracing a new month and a fresh start. Lets see what my goals are for this month.

1. Go to the cider mill. I don't think we've been to the cider mill in years and that is just not okay. The cider mill with it's apple picking and cinnamon donuts are one of the perks about living in Michigan so we need to remedy that.

2. Take a day trip to Lake Michigan. I need to see the lake one more time before it freezes. I need one more sunset! It's good for the soul.

3. Lose six pounds this month. I'm determined to do meet this goal so I'm putting it on here again. Now that I have a Fitbit maybe I'll be more successful this time.

4. Find a new church. I'm determined to meet this goal too so I'm putting it on here again. It's important to me so I'm going to make it a priority this month.

5. Schedule a physical and skin check. I'm long overdue and starting to feel stressed about it so I want to make appointments this month and just get them over with. Advocating for your health is so important and something I need to get better at.

6. Paint bathroom cabinets. This is a lofty goal and I don't think G is totally on board but I would love to tackle this project this month and then hire a plumber next month and be DONE with house projects this year! I think staining the deck will happen next spring which is for the best because if we do sell it will be next spring and it would be nice for the deck to be freshly stained and in great condition if/when we go on the market. 

What are your goals this month?

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