Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life Update (Kitchen Update Edition)

Well. It has BEGUN. We bought all our supplies for the kitchen reno at Lowe's Friday during lunch. It felt real. We were giddy excited picking everything out. 

Here is our kitchen Saturday morning before we started.

This is what it looked like at the end of Saturday.

Here is what it looked like by Monday. So much brighter!!

We actually chickened out of the Vintage Gray and went for a lighter gray called Woodsmoke. We were the crazies at Lowe's comparing 50 shades of gray (pun intended!) with their stainless steel appliances. The color is a blue gray and I'm obsessed. It's perfect! It really brightens the kitchen up!

Meanwhile... our kitchen has exploded into the dining room. I know it's only for a week but it is driving me a little batty. I try not to stare at it. I try to avoid eye contact as I walk by. 

I'm not going to lie, I've run errands just to get out of the chaos. It's stressful. I don't do well with remodels. 

Manny isn't sure what is going on. He prefers to get out of the way and just watch. He avoids the dining room with me. He just didn't understand why his food has been moved and he hated not being able to go in the kitchen while G painted. But he's been a trooper. Surprisingly, he hasn't tried to go in all the open kitchen cabinets or try to get in the basement at all. 

G is the most selfless man I know. He spent his 33rd birthday painting the cabinets. My dream boy making my dream kitchen a reality, how did I get so lucky?! Don't worry, I didn't make him work all day. I grabbed us take out and movies and we had a nice lazy movie afternoon. We watched Chef and Gone Girl and both were excellent!

So that is life right now. Lots of painting. Lots of chaos. Movie nights. It's worth it though. It looks amazing. Buying new appliances this week! The plan is to have it all done by this weekend. I'll have a detailed post of everything once it's all finished. Ahhh I can't wait for that day.


Anne said...

I'm so excited! Looks so good already!

mags said...

50 shades of it! Too cute, good luck with the remodel! Looks great!