Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kitchen Organization Question

You guys were SO helpful with your appliance advice that I'm coming to you again for help. We finished painting the kitchen the second coat last night so tonight I can put everything back. I've been reading tons of organization websites and I just get more overwhelmed. I just don't know the best way to organize the kitchen to maximize the space.

To prove how terrible I am I had the glasses, mugs and wine glasses next to the fridge. Every Wednesday night our small group would go to the cabinet next to the sink for glasses. Finally, I re-organized my kitchen and put all the glasses next to the sink. But that was four years ago. 

When I was taking everything out of the kitchen I found all my gorgeous pans we received as a wedding gift that we haven't even used. WHY? Because they were above the fridge! Why on earth did I put them there?!

How do you organize your pantry? Kitchen cabinets? Any tips or tricks? Help! Please and thank you!!

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Anne said...

I don't have that many upper cabinets, only two so those have the glasses and mugs next to the sink. The other one holds recipe books and spices. Then I have lower cabinets so I have to put the dishes in there because there were too many. And then pans and stuff in the other. I have another cabinet up above the fridge, and I just use that for vases and stuff I don't use very often like big serving platters. It seems to work! Good luck!