Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a good one. It didn't involve as much manual labor which is always a plus in my book. Since I had zero working appliances and we still had one more day until we could hang the cabinets my sweet friend Beka hosted the candle exchange/wine night. It saved me from having to try and host ten girls without a fridge or oven and a house still in disarray. It also saved my sanity. Thank goodness for good friends. I'm excited to host the next one though!

So we did a candle exchange and you guys know how much I love candles. This was my version of heaven. All the girls there really appreciated candles too so we got in a circle and one by one opened our candle and passed it around for everyone to smell. I ended up switching candles because I love strong smelling candles. And this one was bright and fun and perfect for the kitchen. Also? It smelled like cozy.

Saturday we slept in and waited on our appliances. Manny was much more patient than we were. I even had my doubts that they wouldn't come because they were supposed to come Wednesday but when I called to confirm that they said they made a mistake. But Best Buy assured me I would get a call Friday on the delivery time frame for Saturday. Well I never got a call Friday so I really didn't think it was going to happen. When I called Best Buy Saturday morning they gave me my time frame. It felt like Christmas! IT WAS REALLY HAPPENING.

I was so nervous something would go wrong with the install. The gas line would not be up to code or the wrong fridge would deliver. Luckily nothing like that happened. There were a few times the installers would say "Sir we have a problem" and my heart would stop. The first problem was trying to get the oven out. He mentioned we would need to cut the counter out which was fine by me. Get that old oven out of here! But luckily G realized it was probably just from painting and it created a seal. G took a knife down the side and then the oven slid right out. That is crazy strong paint!

The fridge is HUGE. It sticks out a bit but I don't even care. We had to move furniture around for the installers to get it in and THEN our top cabinets prevented the fridge from fitting. Luckily it was just a slight overhang (so the shelf wasn't harmed) and G had to take a jigsaw to it and shave half an inch off and then sand it. It was pretty bad ass. The fridge fit like a glove after that and looks darn pretty if I do say so myself.

After the installers left I cleaned where all the furniture had been moved and helped G bring all the cabinets up. We didn't label the cabinets, but apparently I have a gift for knowing which cabinet went where. It was a puzzle I put together pretty quickly. Hashtag humble brag.

Once all the cabinets were on the room just CAME TOGETHER. G put the knobs on and then took the drawers to the basement to sand and paint. We finally had room to work on them! By this point we had been working for a couple hours and we were beat. Too tired to cook on our new appliances so I ran out and grabbed Chinese. We found a new place right by us and we are obsessed. After dinner G painted a second coat on the drawers and then we relaxed the rest of the night.

Sunday morning we drank our coffee and just stared at the kitchen. We are such nerds. Then G put the drawers back in and I sorted through all the junk IN the drawers. Tossed everything that was junk and reorganized the drawers. It was finally over 35 degrees so I took Manny for a nice long walk before getting ready to hang out with the family.

My brother was in town and I got to see my sweet Ella. How cute is she just chilling out? We actually haven't seen my family in over a month so it was a blast to catch up and laugh and enjoy each other's company. 

My mom made lasagna and we drank red wine. Ella got a hold of one of the corks from the wine. HA! We celebrated Eric and G's birthday and then headed over to visit with my grandma for a little bit. It was a fun day with my favorite people. We planned on stopping at Trader Joe's on the way home to stock up our new fridge but it had started freezing rain so we just went home and watched the Grammy's. 

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Kitchen looks great!! I have twin girls and one is named Ella and I have pictures of her doing the same thing with the wine cute!!

Anonymous said...

Fun fun! And I must say again - the kitchen look incredible. And sweet Ella is too cute, chilling like she's a big girl. Love it!