Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I lost 3.2 pounds my first week. WOOHOO!


Wednesday - Walk 4.5 miles (1.5 with Manny and 3 on lunch)
Thursday - Shred Level 2 and walk on lunch
Friday - Walk 4.5 miles 
Saturday - Walk 3.5 miles with Manny and clean the house
Sunday - Walk 3.5 miles with Manny
Monday - Walk 4.5 miles
Tuesday - Shred Level 1 and walk 1.5 miles with Manny
Wednesday - Walk 4.5 miles


TRUTH! Not to mention in losing 3.2 pounds I lost a point so now I only get 27 points a day. It requires a bit of planning, but I like it. Nothing is off limits. I just need to monitor portions. Plan my day. Save my weeklies for when I'm going out to eat or for a glass of wine or two on the weekends. I'm adjusting and figuring out what works best for me. But it's working and I don't feel deprived! So that makes it all worth it to me.

Breakfast has been a bagel thin (3 pp) and low fat whipped cream cheese (1 pp).

Lunch has been a sandwich thin (2 pp), spinach (0 pp), mustard (0 pp), turkey (2 pp) and cheddar cheese (1 pp) with mango (0 pp).

Or a Greek Salad with 2 cups spinach (0 pp), 2T feta (1 pp), 1 cup chick peas (4 pp), and Greek dressing (3 pp).

My snack has been 2 clementines (0 pp) in the morning and a Vitatop (3 pp) or fat free cottage cheese (2 pp) in the afternoon.

Monday after a holiday weekend requires sushi, of course. 10 Cali rolls (10 pp).

Tuesday and Wednesday I had Costco Spinach Pasta (7 pp) with a green pepper (0 pp) while the pasta was cooking. So good!

Thursday night G made beef strog and it was amazing and worth every point (13 pp).

Friday night we had fettuccine alfredo (9 pp) with friends and stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home (6 pp for half).

Saturday was leftover beef strog for lunch and 4 oz steak (3 pp) with grilled broccoli (0 pp) for dinner with a glass of red wine (4 pp).

Sunday was more leftover beef strog and spinach pie (8 pp) for lunch.

This past Monday I made my own burrito bowl with rice (5 pp), black beans (2 pp), chicken (2 pp) and light sour cream (2 pp). 

So that's my first week! I know WW is now switching to a new plan but I'm following Points Plus on itrackbites app. When I was researching starting WW I found this little app was awesome and people found great success with it. I needed something a little more personalized than My Fitness Pal so I splurged and purchased the app ($7.99, but it was half off so I spent $3.99). If I continue enjoying it and finding success I might actually follow WW for real. 

Do you follow WW? 
How do you like the new plan?

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Anne said...

Great job! So nice to see rewards so quickly