Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We started our holiday weekend off right with a bonfire. The first of the season which is surprising. But the weather has been either too hot or too cold or rainy. It was finally a great night and G made the perfect fire.

Saturdeay morning we drank our coffee on the deck. Did three loads of laundry. Cleaned the house. I made a fruit smoothie for lunch to fuel me for a hike at the park.

We met my parents at the nearby park to go walking. I don't even know the last time we were here. We used to all the time when we were dating. And fun fact: My dad proposed to my mom here. So it's been a family tradition to go hiking here every weekend growing up. G did his marathon training here. It's a gorgeous place. And it was a perfect day for a hike.

We brought Manny and he loved it. He loved all the new sites and sounds and smells. 

We walked about 5 miles. 4.8 miles to be exact. Did I mention how perfect the weather was? 

We saw lots of turtles. This little guy was right next to the path. We saw baby geese. Swans. Great Blue Herrons. It was so nice!

My parents picked up Mexican food and came over our house for dinner afterwards. We had margaritas and good food. We sat on the deck. Perfection! After my parents left I made G watch Pitch Perfect and he actually liked it. I just love the music in that movie so much.

Sunday morning I made Skinny confidential's 3 ingredient pancakes and they were so good. I took Manny for a 3 mile walk and then did my 21 Day Fix workout.

I showered and then relaxed on the deck and read all afternoon while G watched soccer finals. It was glorious. G grilled us dinner and we ate outside. Then we watched Jersey Boys and I loved it! I may have watched the ending three times. I just loved it! I didn't even know who Frankie Valli was but his story was interesting and I was surprised at how many songs I knew of his. I would love to see this on Broadway now.

Sunday morning I did a little deck sitting before it rained the rest of the day.

I did a little meal prepping for the week and then went grocery shopping. 

We ate pizza for lunch and then I cleaned out this kitchen drawer and made extra space in the pantry by putting all the tea and hot chocolate in this drawer in the coffee corner. I love it! It freed up a lot of space in the pantry so I could get that under control again as well. It's crazy that I had just reorganized the kitchen in January and it already needed to be organized again. 

It finally stopped raining after dinner so G and I sat on the front porch and checked out my pretty Irises that have bloomed.

I started watching this show on Netflix called Young and Hungry and kind of became obsessed with it and watched the whole season. Oops. G and I watched Die Hard and were both asleep by 9:30. Look at us crazy kids. It was a great long weekend. And now summer is here!!

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anneseverydaylife said...

we need a grill! I'm trying to decide on getting a used one on CL or just getting a cheap new one, thoughts? and your irises look pretty! sounds like a great weekend :)