Thursday, December 3, 2015

November Goals Revisited

If I'm being honest I feel like this month got away from me. I still cannot believe November is over. Wasn't it just Halloween? Where is the time going? Lets take a look back and see how I did!

1. Lose 6 pounds. I only lost a pound this month, but I'm not discouraged because I started lifting weights this month. I lost two inches and I have been getting weight loss comments again. That is a success in my book!

2. Do The 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts 6 days a week. I have accomplished this goal and rekindled my love for working out again. I feel great. I feel stronger. Those workouts each morning make me feel so good all day long! I definitely plan on continuing these morning workouts.

3. Cook three times a week. I think I'm just realizing (again) that I don't like to cook. I'm pretty sure I cooked three times this whole month. That is progress for me, though. I made pot roast, minestrone soup, tacos, and slow cooker chili.

4. Start and finish Christmas shopping.  I am 99% done. I just need to pick up Christmas cards and a few odds and ends to finish up. But the bulk of it is done. I plan to finish and have everything wrapped this weekend so I can be completely done and just enjoy the holiday season. 

5. Start going to church and keep up with the morning devotional. I found an awesome Willow Creek podcast called Thrive that I am just loving. I'm also reading Captivating every morning and writing in my prayer journal before my workouts. I know I need to find da church for the community aspect, but I am getting spiritually fed.

How did you do with your goals this month?

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mags said...

Because of your inspiration - I finished all my xmas shopping by the end of November! Thanks!