Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Goal Review

I set goals for the year and check in each month to see how I did. Lets see how February went!

1. Follow Weight Watchers. Check! I lost 4 pounds this month. You can see my weekly updates here and here. I owe you another one, but these might become more monthly or bi-weekly. I started my new job and it's been amazing and exhausting and busy. I'm still following WW and will post another update soon!

2. Be intentional with the relationships in my life. Check! I met up with a friend for dinner one evening. I was intentional about texting friends more to check in on them. I put my phone away and was fully present when G got home from work. We went on a little getaway to spend quality time together to relax, dream and enjoy each other's company away from the daily routine. We spent quality time with family and went out to eat with Eric and Jess. I hosted a girls night last week too that was so good for the soul. We also had an amazing anniversary trip I need to tell you about. I'm behind on the blog, but an update is coming on all of this!

3. Read three books a month. Check! I actually read five books. February was a great book month for me. I read some really great books. Check out my book review here.

4. Move fifteen minutes everyday. Check! I have been disciplined to walk Manny everyday. Even if it's one degree we will get out for at least fifteen minutes. I know the exercise is important for Manny since we don't have a fenced yard for him to stretch his legs. But I think I might enjoy it even more. It's my time alone to think, listen to a podcast and enjoy the fresh air. I also mixed in a few days of kickboxing a couple times a week.

5. Do one thing that inspires you everyday. Check! It is usually spending the last hour before bed reading a good book. Or a date night with G. Or talking about our day as G cooks dinner. Finding beauty in the sunset or in the snow falling. I also started writing three things I'm thankful for first thing in the morning in my Notes app. It just starts the day on the right foot. I try to post what inspires me on insta so follow along @learningtobeawife.

6. Find a new church community. We are still attending and loving the church near our house. We also took the next step and joined a young couples small group that meets every Wednesday night. It's been awesome for us and we are so happy to stepped out of our comfort zone and joined.

7. Read the Bible and write in my prayer journal everyday. Check! I picked up One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp again and I'm so glad I did. I kind of lost interest last year, but found it the perfect book for me in this season of life. I'll share more in next month's book review when I finish it.

8. Do one house project a month. This kind of fell by the wayside. With two trips this month, starting a new job and G traveling for work it took all our energy just to keep the house clean and the laundry done. But we'll tackle a few projects next month to make up for it!

What did you accomplish this month?

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Wow you're rocking it!!