Friday, February 1, 2013

30 Things Before I Turn 30 List: Update

 On my 29th birthday I created a bucket list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Since today marks the halfway point to my 30th birthday I thought I would check-in and see how I'm doing:

* Embrace a healthy lifestyle and stop fad diets. It’s all about staying active and everything in moderation. Working on this one right now. I think this Challenge helped me eat more fruits and veggies and discover new fruits and veggies I enjoy, and learn to cook healthier options. Even though I did it for a day (not even) I still have to eat all the fruits and veggies I purchased.
* Bike 13 miles. I have run a couple times, but not biking so much. I need to get on this one as soon as the snow and ice is all melted. I also signed up for a 5K with Garth that my work is sponsoring so that is something I never thought I would do and am happy I am going to do it.
* Take more day trips. Explore Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and Detroit. We plan to take more day trips as soon as the weather gets nicer. But I think we are succeeding with this because we took a few mini trips to Traverse City and South Haven.
* Make peace with my body once and for all. Working on it! I will make peace with my body once I lose these darn 40 pounds and look like this again:

* Do three crafts from Pinterest. I will definitely exceed this goal because I have big plans for us this spring. Muahahaha! More on that later...
* Buy something Zebra print for the house. Check!

* Realize that turning 30 could actually be the beginning of some of the best years. Work in progress... Garth and I always thought we were on the five year plan to have children which would mean I would be trying for a baby at 30. I'm at peace with not being ready for a child right now and maybe not being ready for another couple years. I think that is actually huge progress. God is good and His peace is sufficient. 
* Go to a country concert. Researching a good one to go to this summer! I will probably suck it up and buy tickets to Kenny Chesney even though I think it's crazy expensive. I regret not going every year.
* Read Parenting the Hurt Child. On my list of books to read this spring.
* Go all out on a Halloween costume. Check!

* Celebrate 5 years of marriage somewhere tropical. In the works. The plan is when we lose 40 pounds we are going to book our tropical vacation to celebrate 5 years with our best bods! Decisions, decisions. Florida or all inclusive.
* Kayak. On the agenda this summer.
* Take a wine pairing and/or sushi making class. I am still researching a good class to take in the area.
* Go to a bar for karaoke night. There is a bar with karaoke every Friday night next to our friends' house so we need to just organize this with our friends and do it.
* Cook Thanksgiving dinner. Check!

* Get in the best gosh darn shape of my entire life. Working on it. Operation 40 is on!
* And maintain it. The hardest part for me, but I'm in it to win it this time.
* Grow something and keep it alive. I received a rose from a sweet co-worker that is still alive and kicking after almost two weeks. Does that count?
* Bake cupcakes. I will definitely bake these soon since I have my brand spankin' new Oven Lovin' Muffin Tins from my brother for Christmas. I have made muffins a few times, but need to tackle cupcakes.
* Go country line dancing. I need to plan an outing at my fave place out on the east side with old friends when the weather gets nicer.
* Become a wine buff. I have tried a few new wines, but usually stick to my old faves - Fish Eye Chardonnay and Yellow Tail Chiraz. 
* Eat something crazy. Check! I ate friend duck in Chicago and thought I would hate it, but ended up loving it so much I want to go back to Grand Lux Cafe and eat it again and again.
* Make my great grandma’s spaghetti. Maybe I will make this and have a glass of Chiraz to celebrate the end of this Challenge.
* Go to Vegas for a weekend. I am hoping to go for my 30th birthday. My sweet co-worker found us a great deal and gave us tons of tips to make the most of our stay.
* Eat at the Chop House. Check! It was everything I expected and more.
* Stop caring what others think about me and just be myself un-apologetically. Def not here yet, but working on it.
* Read Adopted for Life. It's on my list for the spring.
* Go to a musical. Planning on seeing Lion King in Detroit in the next month or two. Note to self to start planning that with my mom and SIL.
* Cook three meals from Pinterest. Check! I made three appetizers from Pinterest for Thanksgiving.
* Hike more. I'm not sure if you call it hiking, but Garth and I have been walking a lot more lately after dinner.

It looks like I'm 9 for 30 so I have a lot of work to do the next six months! It was good to re-evaluate and start planning ahead for some of these I have yet to accomplish. 


Lauren said...

great update! I should have done this a year ago...but now that 30 is upon me...on MONDAY!!!...I think I'll just put a list together of things I want to do in my 30th year!

Anne said...

haha- I just thought, today is MY half birthday too :) oh yeah, duh! So, I would love to help you meet this goal:

Go country line dancing. I need to plan an outing at my fave place out on the east side with old friends when the weather gets nicer.

Us! Thursday night! Late spring/summer!