Friday, December 7, 2012

The Want List

After hosting Thanksgiving I realized I am severely lacking in the kitchen department. How did I manage to lose and/or break so many neccessary items like silverware, plates, etc? I also was not much of a cook or baker when I was registering and after five years of marriage things have changed...

I'm really craving some good bakeware, especially muffin tins like these super cute ones:


I love our dining room chairs, but they are old, faded and there a few stains that I cannot get out so I would love a set of 6 of these to cover the chairs and classy up the dining room:


We have been using our duvet without a cover for the last two years (GASP!) and we need to get a cover for it ASAP to protect and make our bedroom look pretty. I am loving this one:

And how good would these block letters look above our bed?!

I dream of having this huge South African canvas in our dining room with a romantic chandlier and a large black table:

I can't believe we lived this long without a toaster oven, but we def need one like this.
Oh, and while we are at it I would love some plain jane white plates, bowls and mugs. I love these because they are also modern and fun, but neutral.
I have an obsession with scarves and want more like this pretty:
 I love these pillows to tie in our accent chair:
I would love these on each side of the fire place:
Our old wall clock has pretty much died and no battery can revive it so I'm loving this one to replace it:
So tell me, what are you wanting this year?


Anne said...

that picture is awesome, and I love the idea of a dining room upgrade (someday!) maybe craigslist has nice tables?? I totally agree with you on the kitchen stuff, you just don't know what you need until you start living and cooking. I always felt bad when my mom would ask for kitchen stuff for her bdays/christmases, but now I get it- stuff wears out and you don't get people to buy it for you anymore! We always had a 'home bucks' category in the budget so I could save up and get stuff, I do like that idea.

Also love the scarf, I saw one at marshalls yesterday and I thought, $13, sheesh, but now I'm wishing I would have got it. You can wear them with so many different things! I hope it's not gone when I finally get a chance to go back!

LWLH said...

That is such a pretty bedspread, love the colors.

Shanny said...

The South Africa canvas is a fantastic idea! and those pillows with your accent chair would be perfect ;)

Kate said...

I LOVE that duvet cover!