Monday, December 10, 2012

Menu Monday

I do so much better with my diet when I plan a menu. Case in point - Garth lost five pounds last week simply by eating my nutritious meals and running after work. Oh, and we have zero snack foods in the house so there has been no snacking after dinner. He is on the "Road to 40 Pounds" as he calls it and I am on board and back on the weight loss wagon with him. But more on that Friday! Here are the healthy meals I have planned for us this week:

Sunday - Out to dinner (We went to CJ's after church Christmas play with family friends and my parents). It was def a cheat night!

Monday - Power Salad

Tuesday -Tuna Melts (A co-worker brought in all this leftover Panera bread and I have been using it for tuna melts and, oh my goodness, it is amazing!)


Wednesday - Spinach and Tortellini Soup

Thursday - Crockpot Chicken Tostada (I use Weight Watcher Cream Cheese)

Friday - Lemon Basil Chicken

Saturday - Date night dinner out

I also made an awesome omelet Sunday morning with mozzarella cheese and avocado. I just whipped that baby up on my own and was quite impressed with how it turned out. I also made a chili the other day that I just made up. A little bit of salsa, chicken, black beans, corn and chili powder in the crock pot on low for 8 hours. It turned out amazing and Garth was a big fan. I also had made that DIY wreath that day and Garth was like "Who are you? Making up your own recipe AND a wreath?! This is not who I married, but I like it." Ha!

So what's on your menu this week?


The Pink Growl said...

That first salad looks amazing!

Renise said...

That chili could also be used for an amazing omelet! Found out last weekend when we ran out of turkey sausage - hubs said make it with chili and top it with salsa. He loved it! I love your menu mondays! It reminds me that we also eat better when its planned out. Tonight we had turkey black bean burgers. Ck tortilla soup and buffalo chicken casserole are on deck for lunches and I need to figure out the rest of the week!

Have a great week!

Anne said...

aww!! haha, I love Garth's comment! glad wifehood is suiting you so well :)