Friday, January 11, 2013

Fit Friday: Operation 40

As I mentioned earlier this week, the scale was a wake up call that I needed to get back into shape. I can't believe I had gained the thirty pounds I worked so hard to lose PLUS another ten pounds. Awesomesauce. I could complain about or do something about it. I decide to do something and view this as a challenge instead of moping. It is what it is. I know how I got here. I once heard an interview about a celebrity's weight loss journey. They asked him how he gained the weight and he said "A whole lotta good food". That made me laugh, but it is totally how I got to this point.

Garth and I are on this journey together which makes it 100 times easier to have his support and accountability as we trim back portions, exercise more and eat less takeout. We both want to lose 40 pounds for a total of 80 pounds between the two of us. Bring it on!

I kept my caloric intake at about 1200 calories a day. I ate healthy, balanced meals every few hours. I ran after work. This is the beginning of a whole new lifestyle change for me and I'm excited.

The stats this week:
Pounds Lost: 2 lbs
Pounds to Go: 38 lbs

Not too shabby. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I'm taking it 5 pounds at a time. Every 5 pounds Garth and I get $50 reward to spend how we like. Garth is planning on using his reward money for guitar accessories while I plan to save most of mine for a new wardrobe when I lose all the weight. But I also have my eye on this for above our bed:

I don't even like gold anything, really, but this little guy, I adore. I want that. So this was a good week. I am making new habits. I have been eating a bagel thin with Laughing Cow Cheese Cinnamon Cream Cheese with one hard boiled egg and black coffee every morning. For lunch I eat leftovers from our dinners the night before and dinner I have stuck to my Menu Monday plan and enjoyed cooking and making healthy, yummy meals.

I plan to up my workout routine next week, but this week it looked like this:

Monday - Run 30 min
Tuesday - Run 30 min
Wednesday - Walk 30 min 
Thursday - Walk 30 min
Friday - Walk 30 min

I do plan to run again tomorrow morning with Garth. I also am loving Honey Almond Tea at night before bed. A new favorite way to end the day, for sure! The weekends are always the hardest, but I will just keep track of everything I eat and work out hard.

How are you guys doing? Anyone else have a New Years resolution to lose weight this year? I would love to hear your tips and tricks and fave recipes!


The Pink Growl said...

I definitely have a resolution to lose the 8 lbs I put on recently! I originally lost is within the first 2 weeks after my breakup then gained it back over the holidays - ugh! Plus maybe a few extra for wiggle room for the summer. Keep up your hard work girl, you'll get there!

Crystal said...

I also plan to get myself back in shape this year. I, too, had lost weight and gained nearly all of it back. I'd like to drop 75 lbs in the next 18 mths (a year would be ideal!). I'll be rooting for you!

Linnea said...

If only it were as easy to drop the weight as it is to put back on. I too am trying to lose the 50-75 lbs that have crept on over the past 6 years. Gosh it sounds awful to say that. But like you said it is what it is. I'm doing Weight Watchers. Good luck to you, it seems you are headed in the right direction!

Renise said...

I'm using Myfitness Pal! I love it and the mobile app is pretty good! Very similar to weight watchers which I've done in the past and loved. You guys can totally do it! I've got about 30lbs to lose and we've dropped to a low carb diet and I'm starting the couch to 5K program this week! Don't forget to take before and after pictures! We plan on taking them every 4 weeks to track our progress.nAnd I'm planning to purchase a "progress dress" and a boudoir photo session in April. Special gift for the hubby! And obviously I want to look and feel my best.