Monday, January 7, 2013

Menu Monday

Menu planning is back because I'm ready to eat healthy and lose these thirty pounds once and for all. I am mad at myself for gaining the weight back, but I have no one to blame but myself. I know how it happened - Too much good food. I'm pretty sure I gained ten pounds in December alone by indulging in too many holiday treats and a serious lack of working out. FAIL.

But it's a new week! A new year! And it's all about moderation and healthy recipes to avoid the takeout trap. Oh, and working out again. The best part? Garth is on board with me which makes it 100 times easier to lose weight. We both want to lose weight so we will hold each other accountable and make this year our healthiest yet!

Here is what on the schedule this week:

Monday - Mexican Bowl (Black beans, avocado, corn and a bit of salsa)
Tuesday - Grilled chicken with edamame
Wednesday - Mexican Casserole
Thursday - Crock Pot Tacos
Friday - Chicken Cacciatore

I will probably make another big batch of White Chicken Chili in the crock pot Saturday to eat during the weekend to keep us on track. It is filling, delish, and healthy. My one new recipe for the week is Friday's Chicken Cacciatore, a recommendation from my friend so I'm sure it will be delish. What's on your menu this week?

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katie + bret said...

ooo i am going to have to try your mexican casserole for sure! yummm! happy monday!