Thursday, October 6, 2016

Myrtle Beach Days 7 - 8

Wednesday was another great beach day. Slept in. Drank coffee. Swam laps. Walked the beach. Beach sitting. Reading. Swimming. 

After lunch we did more reading, swimming and even had a little happy hour. 

Actually I think I forgot to mention this before but G and Brad made vodka tonics for happy hour every afternoon and it was such a treat.

Since we had a bit of clouds/rain during the day each day we stayed later at the beach than we usually did. The sun started to set when we would go up to get ready for dinner and it was so beautiful.

If you ask Siri and Google the best restaurant in MB they will both tell you Sole Italian Restaurant so that is where we went Wednesday night.

The restaurant is in a strip mall and doesn't seem like much, but the reviews on Yelp (and Siri and Google) don't lie. First of all we had our own room and second of all we had the owner of the restaurant, Frankie, as our waiter. It was going to be a good night!

Frankie gave us menus and told us we would not be ordering off the menu (and spoiler only my mom actually ordered from the menu). Then he told us the story of how the room we sat in came to be. It used to be a storage closet. He went with his family to Vegas and called his buddy and he pulled out all the stops for him and his family. Free shows. Free dinners. Etc. Frankie said if you are ever in MB to give him a call... So a few months go by and then his Vegas buddy calls and says his whole family will be in and they would like a reservation at his restaurant... Except it's Valentine's Day and he has no tables available. So he calls his contractor and has him turn the storage closet into a dining area for his Vegas buddy and his family. How funny!

So as we are getting settled and ordering wine and Frankie brings out complimentary brushetta. It was so fresh and flavorful!

Frankie also highly recommended this fiocchi appetizer. It is little pasta purses full of cheese and pear and it was delicious! We all raved about it.

For dinner I had the lobster ravioli and it was amazing. The lobster was so fresh and the sauce was amazing and the ricotta cheese! So yummy!

We all loved our food!

And since we had so much fun we had to get a picture with Frankie!

We were having so much fun and Frankie talked up the dessert so much we had the lemon cake and tiramisu. WOW the tiramisu was so amazing. 

Frankie brought out complimentary shots to end our incredible experience at Sole. We ate so much food and our dinner lasted three hours. What a night!

Thursday started out great. Swam laps. Took a long walk. Beach reading. But it was cloudy and the wind really started to pick up where it was cold to sit at the beach. There were also a ton of jelly fish. We learned after a full moon there is a strong tide that pulls jelly fish because they do not steer and they end up washed on the beach. They were everywhere!

So it wasn't the best beach day, though we did get some good morning beach time. We got ready and headed to Murrells Inlet for a late lunch.

We headed to The Claw House based on reviews and there not being a wait to sit outside.

I had a lobster salad roll and it was delicious! I also had a SC beer and it was light and refreshing. It was a fun meal with a nice view of the inlet.

After lunch we walked around the boardwalk and enjoyed the random sites - goats on an island, birds, different restaurants. It was relaxing.

We grabbed Starbucks on the way back to the condo. The rain had stopped and the wind had died down so we headed to the beach for some catch, reading and beach sitting. Since the jelly fish were still an issue I think we only swam once to rinse off but it was still a great day.

We had a great night in playing cards and eating snacks for dinner. Another fabulous day in paradise! Stay tuned for the last part of our vacation tomorrow. If you missed anything you can read about it here and here.

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Kenya said...

Love going to restaurants where you can talk with the owner and get the real history and love for the place! Glad you had fun.