Wednesday, October 5, 2016

October Goals

I interrupt the vacation recaps for monthly goals. I skipped a few months because I was lacking inspiration, but I am full of inspiration again and have a few things I want to accomplish this month. See also, how is it October already?!

1. Lift weights twice a week. I love my walks with Manny, but I have been missing lifting so I am committing to getting up early twice a week to do some 21 Day Fix.

2. Read four books this month. I am on a reading kick lately and loving it. I have four books from the library and I'm already halfway through my first book. I can't wait to share my reviews soon because I've read some good ones I couldn't put down.

3. Cook one recipe a week. After so much eating out on vacation I'm excited to get back in the kitchen. Even if it's oldie but goodie recipes. I really love cooking in the kitchen with G.

4. Write in my prayer journal three days a week. I dropped the ball on this since vacation and I miss it. No time like a new season for a fresh start!

What are your goals this month?

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