Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Myrtle Beach Days 1 - 3

If you follow me on instagram (@learningtobeawife) you know we just got home from a fabulous beach vacation with family to Myrtle Beach. We went five years ago with the whole family, but this year Eric and Jess couldn't make it this year since they have their hands full with their sweet new addition. 

I prepped for the trip with a mani/pedi with my neighbor. Good times.

After work Thursday we packed up and headed to my parents house to celebrate the beginning of vacation. We had champs for the occasion, obviously. 

We woke up at 3:30 a.m. Friday morning and were on the road by 4:00 a.m. Lucky for me I slept most of the ride. We made a quick stop at McDonald's for breakfast and kept pounding out the miles. I switched between napping and reading and the drive went fast.

We decided to switch things up this time since we aren't big fast food fans and try new restaurants on the trip down. As we got hungry I would go on Yelp and see what was around and we would choose a restaurant based on reviews. That led us to Graze on Main in Virginia. It was in a beautiful hotel.

We each ordered a Virginia beer because when in Rome. I had a brown ale and it was delicious. A new favorite for sure!

I had the crab cake burger and it was pretty darn good. The fries though stole the show. So yummy! It was a nice break from all the driving and a yummy lunch.

A few hours later we were at our hotel in North Carolina. These are faces of happy people happy to be out of the car.

Our hotel included dinner so we grabbed dinner at the hotel and then walked around the area and stumbled upon a circus. We didn't go in, but it made for a pretty backdrop for a picture.

Saturday morning we ate a quick breakfast at the hotel and then drove the three hours we had left to get to the beach. We arrived at noon and our room was ready. Woohoo! The beach from our room was spectacular. 

We ate lunch on our balcony since it was too pretty of a beach day to go anywhere. We ate cheese and crackers and saw dolphins as we ate! Now that is what I call entertainment!

Then we put on our suits and headed to the beach for our first beach day!!!! I'm not even kidding you guys, but the second time we went into the ocean people started calling us in. I've seen Jaws so I know they spotted a shark and G and I booked it out of the water. Sure enough G and the people on the beach saw a fin and tail of a shark. Crazy!  Even crazier is G and I went into the water after that and all week long! 

After a lovely afternoon on the beach swimming, beach sitting, reading a walk to the stream we cleaned up for dinner.

We didn't plan ahead this night so since it was a Saturday night we went to the first restaurant that didn't have a wait. It ended up beach Joe's Crab Shack which is a chain and we try to avoid chains on vacation but sometimes you are too hungry. They make a killer margarita though.

And the view wasn't bad! We met Brad at Broadway at the beach and ate there. This boat ride went on all night while we ate our meal. 

I started my quest of eating all the seafood with fish tacos and they were BOMB. 

Brad joined us, woohoo! He had the crab and it was delicious, but so much work.

We walked around Broadway at the Beach for a bit and then headed back to the condo. There was a full moon and the view was breathtaking. 

It was a great drive to the beach and a perfect first beach day! Stay tuned for more about our trip coming soon!

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