Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Goals Revisited

Where the heck did May go? It just went way too fast. It was a good month. Busy. Crazy weather. We had snow and freezing temps and then high 80s and sunny. I don't think we had much spring, but I'm happy summer is here! Lets see how I did with my goals this month.

1. Make a craft. I finally made another yarn wreath after buying the products six months ago. It just didn't turn out that great when you get up close to it so I finally bit the bullet and bought a new wreath on Amazon Prime. But I made the wreath and proved for myself once and for all I am not a crafter. 

2. Lose five pounds this month. Okay, good news and bad news. The good news is I did lose five pounds. The bad news is I gained five pounds the first half of the month and spent the second half of the month losing it. But I'm back to 32 pounds lost and ready to keep going down from now on. EESH.

3. Plan a weekly date night with G. We have been really good at this. We had a sushi night at home, lunch out with good friends, out for drinks with our neighbors, margs on the deck, and dinner and drinks with my parents. It was a great balance of one-on-one dates and time spent with friends.

4. Enjoy the outdoors. The first half of the month was a bit chilly but then we turned a corner and it's been in the 80s and sunny every day since. We are outside as much as possible now. Reading on the deck. Long walks with Manny. Yard work. Patio sitting at restaurants. Perfection!

5. Cook one new recipe a week. I made chicken and hummus (my new obsession), veggie burgers with avocado, chicken stir fry, pot roast and banana oat cookies (okay, but wouldn't make again). It really was helpful just choosing one recipe a week to shop for and cook. They were all delicious and a nice change from the usual.

How did you do with your goals this month?

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