Friday, June 3, 2016

June Goals

Summer is here, woohoo! Lets see what I want to accomplish this month.


1. Limit social media to once a day. I find myself contanstly checking Insta and FB if I have a free minute. I don't like that I constantly have to be entertained. I want to limit my social media to one time a day. Designate a time and keep it under 30 minutes. Woo. I think this will be a tough one but I'm ready!

2. Lose eight pounds this month. I fell behind last month so I need to step it up this month in order to be at my goal for Myrtle Beach. I'm following WW strictly, cooking more and taking long walks with Manny so I'm ready for this. No more dilly dallying. I'm ready to go full force and for some reason summer is easier for me to lose weight. 

3. Read 3 books this month. I've been in a book rut and didn't read anything last month except magazines. Give me suggestions you've been loving! I miss getting lost in a book.

4. Savor summer. Go to the lake. Sit outside. Shop the Farmer's Market. Go for long walks. Eat on the patio. Swim. Say yes to bbqs. Summer will be over before I know it so I just want to soak in every second of it.

And that's it! I'm keeping it short this month because I know the first two will be challenging enough. And I think it's important to be a bit more laid back in the summer and just enjoy the season.

What are your goals this month?

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