Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Goals Revisited

I know I keep saying this but time is really flying. There are only 8 more Fridays until the end of the year. Crazy-ness! Lets see how I did with my goals for October...

1. Go to the cider mill. Now I remember why I haven't been to a cider mill in so long. The crowds. We tried to go last Monday on our day off thinking it was a workday so it wouldn't be crowded. WRONG. It was packed and we couldn't find parking so we got the heck out of there. We did do a hard cider tasting so I think that counts.

2. Take a day trip to Lake Michigan. We had a three day getaway up north in mid October and it was perfection. I got to see Lake Michigan one more time and I got my sunset.

3. Lose six pounds this month. I lost two pounds this month as of the last time I weighed in. I am trying to not look at the scale too often and really focus on how my clothes fit. I'm wearing size Medium leggings again and some of my old bras fit so I'm calling it a win. The scale doesn't tell the whole story.

4. Find a new church. Our weekends have been fun-filled and busy but that is no excuse. I have been reading Captivating and doing my morning prayer journaling but I know we need community and a church family.

5. Schedule a physical and skin check. Done and done! Next month is the month. It's perfect too because I have my eye appointments, dentist appointment and gyno appointment so why not add a physical and skin check? I like knocking everything out at the same time so this will be perfect!

6. Paint bathroom cabinets. I knew making this a goal without totally getting G on board was risky. But I wanted it on our radar so we could figure out a time to do it since the year is quickly coming to an end which means the Year of the House is almost over. Thank goodness! There are just a few projects left to knock out! G and I did discuss the cabinets and we are going to paint them Thanksgiving weekend. YAY!

What are your goals this month?

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Diwakar said...

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