Friday, May 23, 2014

Fit Friday

I just cannot stress enough how much relief and peace I have after my epiphany last week. The constant obsession of what/how much to eat, the guilt when I didn't work out and the numbers on the scale stress have all just faded away. I just can't even explain it. It doesn't encompass my thoughts 24/7 and that is a very good thing. It allows me the freedom to not overthink it. I felt so restricted on the meal plan that being able to eat what I want is mind blowing. And you know what? I don't have the urge to eat everything in site. It's all about moderation. I enjoy being able to eat what I want, but still keep calories to 1200. It doesn't even feel like deprivation. It's the best feeling in the world, you guys.

The results this week?

Lost: 1 pound

Lost 1 inch around my waist
Down a pant size (see also: non scale victory!)

My workout schedule has looked like the following:

Monday - Walk 3 miles
Tuesday - Walk 3 miles
Wednesday - The Shred Level 1 and Walk 3 miles
Thursday - The Shred Level 1 and Walk 3 miles
Friday - The Shred Level 1 and Walk 3 miles
Saturday - The Shred Level 1 and Walk 2 miles
Sunday - The Shred Level 1 and Walk 2 miles

I know, it's a lot of walking. But how could I resist when the trees are in bloom and the sun is shining and the temps are in the high 70s?!

My breakfasts this week The South Beach Breakfast Casserole, this time subbing in fat free cheddar cheese and Jenny-O Lean Ground Turkey with onions. This was definitely a new favorite! A nice, welcome change from the feta and spinach and so filling. It kept me full until lunch every time and was packed with protein!

Lunches this week have been a meal plan chicken patty with brussles sprouts.I have decided that these patties with Laughing Cow Garden Vegetable Cream Cheese is incredible. Yay for enjoying the meal plan foods again, ha! :)

I've been drinking tons of water with lemon and eating 12 almonds as my afternoon snack. Such a perfect snack and a great way to get more protein in. Dinners this week have been sporadic. We kept putting off grocery shopping so it was random stuff like sushi, Chinese take-out, and then Pesto Chicken Pasta last night with friends. I am usually so hungry after work that I forget to take a picture. I'll try to be better at that next week. Another win this week was instead of splitting my Chinese meal into 2 to 3 meals, I spread it over FOUR meals. How is that for portion control?! I think a $8 meal is worth it when you get 2 lunches and 2 dinners out of it! Love it. Seriously, feeling so much freedom and I just feel God is back at the focus and food isn't the obsession anymore.

How are you guys doing?


Lauren said...

way to go girl! I'm so proud of you for feeling confident in yourself again! And I LOVE to walk, I can't wait to get back in a walking routine in our new fact, it's on the agenda tonight as long as the rain stays away!

Emily said...

So inspirational!! I'm very happy for you (in the non-creepy internet stranger kinda way ;-)) And Hooray for non scale victories! :-)