Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thirteen for Thursday

1. Garth and I went to my brother and SIL's on Saturday to help with the nursery... Well, Garth and my brother painted. My SIL and I spent a lovely day together. We got pedicures which was amazing. I always forget how much I love pedis and how soft my feet are afterwards. So relaxing. I love the color I chose too. Obsessed.

2. Another obsession? Frozen yogurt. My SIL took me to this really fun frozen yogurt place where you get to put as many (or as little, in my case) toppings as you like. As a picky eater, this was a dream. It was so good. It was just a really good day. Quality one on one time with my SIL. Those days don't happen often enough. It was great!

3. I did The Shred Saturday morning. I didn't want to crate Manny since he would be crated most of the afternoon/evening and I wanted him to get used to me working out. It was a major fail. First, he just looked at me and cocked his head while I did jumping jacks. Then he thought we were playing and started jumping at me. And ab work? Yeah, right. He would climb all over me. It just did not go well. I finally gave up and gave him a bone so I could finish the workout without any more distractions. 

4. I started watching new episodes of CSI since it ended on such a cliff hanger last season. Holy cow, it was so intense. I'm not sure I will be able to handle this season!

5. Garth joined our work's soccer league after work and he is loving it. I'm going back to yoga on lunch with the girls' at work. I really struggled with it the first time and just felt so AWKWARD. But I did have a great workout and decided to give it another go.

6. I think I've mentioned this before, but we are doing a small group on For Men Only and For Women Only and it is rocking my world. Garth and I haven't read the books since we were dating, but it is really impactful reading it five years into our marriage. These books have just been such a blessing to Garth and I/

7. Speaking of small group, we are starting a new marriage study by Andy Stanley with our Thursday night group and I am so excited. Our group is expanding and connecting and ready to learn about marriage. It is going to be awesome!

8. We took Manny to the vet Monday and he got the rest of his boosters so he can be around other dogs. Finally! He did so great and was so sweet with the vet. Speaking of, I love our vet. They are all so kind. They adore Manny. They answered all our questions and kept assuring us his nipping and potty training progress was normal. Sigh of relief. Now it's time to get him into obedience school!

9. Look at this little watch dog we have on our hands. Precious.

10. This is turning into all things Manny, but he is consuming our life right now. He is so much work. He was doing so great with potty training with no accidents in the house or crate last week and then three accidents in the house Saturday morning. Gah! Two steps forward. One step back. We'll just keep pushing on. He'll get it. I'm learning a lot of patience with this one. 

11. Also? Sometimes I feel like I don't ever want him to get big, but most days I'm just so exhausted from constantly watching him to make sure he doesn't get into anything. Getting up three times a night to let him out. Constantly trying to break the nipping habit. Feeding him. Walking him. Cuddling him. Sometimes I just feel he will be a puppy forever and always require so. much. work. It's a lot. I had no idea. It's rewarding, but it's definitely an adjustment for us.

12. I think fall in our house is my favorite. Our house is just so refreshing and pretty in the fall. The air is crisp. The leaves are falling. And it's bonfire season!

13. Manny is obsessed with all the leaves. He will just start chasing them until he captures them and it's kinda the cutest thing. 

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LWLH said...

I love fall at our house too. It feels so much more cozier!