Friday, October 11, 2013

Fit Friday!

It's been a good week. I worked hard and it is starting to reflect that on the scale which is just the motivation I need to keep on keeping on.

The stats this week:

Pounds Lost: 1 pound
To Go: 41

It's been a busy week. I feel like I always say that, but it's true. I am literally counting down until December when things will slow down for me. It will be incredible. In the meantime, I'm embracing this season of life and enjoying it. It's all good stuff. 

I'm not sure if it's all the busyness or the fact that I get up three times a night with Manny, but working out in the morning is not happening. I do walk him in the morning before work and walk for 60 min on lunch. Wednesdays I do yoga with my co-workers and Saturdays I do The Shred. Other than that, it's pure walking. But I'm seeing results so it can't be all bad. Also? Manny watching me do The Shred proved pretty hilarious. He thought we were playing and/or I was crazy. 

A few favorite eats this week are these Kashi Honey Almond Flax bars. I bought a big box of them at Costco a few weeks ago and they are perfect mid-afternoon snack. Speaking of Costco, I also bought their Spinach Pasta and it is the perfect dinner when you forgot to prepare something.

One cup (about 11 noodles) is 230 calories and paired with a salad or edamame is the perfect dinner. It was a lifesavor Monday night when I forgot to dethaw the chicken or throw something in the crock. 

How are you all doing? Do you have a favorite go-to healthy meal when nothing else is prepared?


Lauren said...

Mmm..that pasta sounds delicious! We love edamame as a side dish and Elyse loves it too!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

love that you still do these...i have to agree the pasta looks amazing!

renrich10 said...

Have you seen the shelter pet commercial with Natalie Morales?

When she's working out the voice of the dog saying I know she does strange tricks for no treats. Probably what Manny is thinking!