Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's in a Name?


Naming Manny was a no brainer for us. He is named after Garth's favorite soccer team, Manchester United. I always wanted to name a dog Chandler because I love the character from Friends. But I also love all the nick name options - Chan, Chan Chan Man, Bing a ling, etc.

But this guy?

He just looked like a Manny to us. 

Manchester when he is in trouble.

I think it fits him perfectly. I also like the idea of naming all our future dogs after soccer teams. Arsenal. Fulham. Everton. Tottenham. Wigan. I mean, how cool are those names?! We could have a lot of fun with this theme.

How did you name your pup? What is the story behind your puppy name?


Lauren said...

I think Manny fits him perfectly!

We have Bogey, named after the golf-term, because Hubby is a golfer and we knew that Bogey the dog would be trouble, just like bogeys in golf!

mags said...

Manny is a great name! And I love Everton. We have a dalmatian rescue dog who's name is Albany. She was rescued from a shelter in Albany, New York. We live 5 hours away from Albany...my husband saw her picture on-line and when he called for more info - he found that she was with a foster family 20 minutes from us. We felt it was meant to be!

Megg Joosten said...

I don't have a puppy, but we do have 2 cats. I named Hermione because I got her before we were married. She's named after the Harry Potter character, obviously, because I love HP and I knew Hermione wasn't a name I could use for my own (human) baby! I can't exactly say it fits her because she's hyper and crazy but I still love it!
We fostered Clarabelle and it was only supposed to be for 2 weeks. Well, that was 3 years ago, and by the time we realized we were going to keep her we had already been calling her Clarabelle for a couple weeks so it just stuck. She's small and petite, so we think Clarabelle fits her!

Jessica said...

He's a cute little Manny! ALthough I do love Chandler!!!!

Our little Pomeranian is Bella. My husband and I scoured the internet, baby name books anywhere and everywhere that had possible names! We had 3 weeks to come up with a name (we picked her out at 6 weeks and brought her home at 9 weeks), and we finally agreed on Bella the day before we brought her home!