Monday, August 19, 2013

Books to Bar DIY

Garth and I found an old, beat up bookshelf in our basement behind the sump pump last month. We pulled it out along with a Bed, Bath and Beyond wooden wine rack we had registered for and received as a wedding gift.

They both sat in a corner of our basement untouched for a while as dreams of painting them danced in our heads. We knew we wanted to turn these items into a makeshift bar, but where to put it and what color to paint it was still a hot topic. Thanks to your input, we decided to put it in the dining room instead of the man cave. 

Next, we went to Walmart and purchased spray paint. I thought I would chose a gray color, but my black furniture obsession won out and we chose black. 

We decided to spray paint below the deck. We just threw our plastic tarp down and Garth started spraying. It went on so seamlessly that we decided to paint the wooden wine rack too.

It was seriously so easy.

 I'm officially obsessed with spray painting furniture and wander around my house asking myself what I can paint next. 

We settled on this corner of the dining room and slowly starting adding stuff to "the bar." A local winery we love going to gave me a bunch of corks so I put those in a clear vase for the top shelf. The second shelf a margarita set my brother and SIL got me for my birthday and the bottom shelf is the painted wine rack which blends in perfectly. LOVE.

 I am so happy with the end result.

Now, seriously. What am I going to spray paint next? Maybe our desk. Or the kitchen table. Decisions, decisions. 


Kenya said...

Looks great!

Jen Caputo said...

looks good! Way to go on tackling the project!

Lauren said...

so cute! it looks so fabulous!

Kristin said...

It looks great! Spray paint is magical, isn't it?? The MIL gave us an old cafeteria cart which we spray painted and use it as a bar cart!