Monday, July 15, 2013


Ok, first a confession. Garth has been working at my company since February.  Garth is a pretty private person and doesn't love the fact that I have a blog and share our life on their. But he is supportive and I make sure and run everything past him before I post about our life on here. Sharing stories about myself are fine, but I respect Garth and honor his wishes to not share a lot about him on here. He asked that I not share about his new job for a while and I understand that. It has been a few months now and he is okay with me sharing the news here. I'll do a whole post on working together, but for now I had to share this information to tell a story...

Thursday morning we were walking out the door on time to leave for work. Then Garth realized he needed his jury duty form to call in at 5:00 that day to see if he had to show up. We couldn't find it. We searched the house high and low and finally found it fifteen minutes later.

Leaving fifteen minutes late for work always stresses me out so I was a little frazzled as we drove in to work. A couple miles into our drive on the highway and we came to a complete stop. Oh, no. Driving on a two lane highway and coming to a stand still is never a good thing. I turned on the radio to hear their was a four car accident about ten miles ahead of that occurred about fifteen minutes ago. Whoa.

If we had left on time I can't help but think we would have been in that accident. I can't help but think God was protecting us in that moment. I'm thankful everyone in the accident was okay and Garth and I prayed for all of them involved as we passed.

Has anyone else every experienced this feeling that God was truly protecting them? 

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Lauren said...

thank God that he protected you! I try to have this mindset all the time...when something happens that delays us or is just out of the ordinary I always consider that it must be God's way of slightly altering our path to keep us safe!

& I'm interested to hear how it's going working together, Hubby & I do as well, and it works great for us!