Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vacay Booked!

If you have read this blog for any length of time you know how much Garth and I value vacation. We are willing to sacrifice things like eating out in order to go away every year. It is just worth it to us. We crave a vacation. We look forward to it. It is just a must for us. We are big advocates for getting away from it all to rejuvenate, relax and spend quality time together.

We are planning on going to California next year for a family friends’ wedding so we kept it pretty low key this year. As much as I liked the idea of going to Las Vegas for my 30th, it just did not match our criteria for a vacation this year. We wanted:

A week away
Lake front
Warm enough weather to swim

I know I would not want to spend a week in Vegas, that would be just too much. As much as we wanted to go to the ocean, we will see the ocean next year in California. I wanted to be able to go out on a balcony and enjoy the lake and drink coffee then head to the beach and lay out all day and read. Then come back in around dinner and get ready to go out for dinner. That was my ideal. Lucky for me Garth has the same vacation style.

I should also mention Garth and I are the most indecisive people ever. We looked and looked for a vacation spot all weekend and just got frustrated with the prices for what we would get. We looked again Monday night and just decided to sleep on it. We could not make a decision. We over analyzed  We kept weighing the pros and cons and last night we finally made a decision.

Thanks to a friends’ request, we are staying at a hotel on Lake Michigan in Traverse City. It is perfect. We have a lakefront room for a whole week in late summer with a balcony.

We are walking distance to downtown Traverse City and a short drive to the wineries. It is a great deal and it is in our budget. We booked it! I just cannot wait! I have only taken one day off this year and I’m itching for a vacation away for the week with my man. Now I have something tangible to look forward to and to start losing weight for to get my beach body back! BRING IT ON!

We took the time off work and are counting down the days! 


Renise said...

YAY for vacation! That is so awesome! I have never been to the a lake before but after seeing movies like grown ups I really want to take a vacation to a lake house! I'm so excited you guys found something that sounds like fun and is in budget!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

We are the same way about vacation...we would rather do without certain things, just so we have the extra $$ to go. Looks like ya'll have a great one planned!

Anne said...

that will be wonderful!! Traverse City seems to have a hold on your hearts :)

Shanny said...

Awesome!!!! Sounds like a good fun time, take lots of pictures! ;)