Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Life Update

This weekend was a good one. Friday night a couple guys from work were playing at a local bar so Garth and I went out to dinner and then headed over to watch them. They were really good! A mix of Mumford and Sons, country and folk. Awesome!

They played at this dive bar. It was the dive bar of ALL dive bars. It smelled like a men's locker room. The bathrooms did not have locks and there was no soap! I made the mistake of ordering a glass of wine and it was disgusting. First of all, it took the bartender a while to locate the wine. And the wine tasted like it was cheap and spiked with whiskey. Gah! I wore flip flops and I'm not joking you, when I got home I washed my feet. I felt that dirty.

But it was a great time. A lot of my co-workers were there. The music was great. It was a lot of fun! On Saturday I did lots of laundry, cleaned the house and then we went to my parents' house to celebrate my brother's birthday. We ate steak, potatoes, Red Lobster biscuits, and grilled asparagus. Yum! It was quite the feast.

My parents had recently converted all their home movies to DVDs and gave us all a copy. We spend the majority of our evening watching said home videos and they were hilarious. We were all laughing so hard. Good times. It was fun to look back and realize how blessed we were. I had a really good childhood. The kind of childhood where dinner was on the table every night and we ate together. My parents taught us about Jesus and wrestled with us. Took us on family vacations. Told us bedtime stories. 

Also? In a lot of the movies I'm always reading a book. Ahhh some things never change.

In other news, we have had two wasp nests to get rid of already and it is not even June! One was in our mailbox. Bless our mailmen's heart! My brave husband sprayed the nests and the problem is fixed... for now. I'm sure we will have to spray again, but for now we are good.


Garth and I went to World Market this weekend and bought The Wolftrap red from Capetown, South Africa. It was delicious. I highly recommend.


Garth found his beloved chutney from his childhood and stocked up on it. I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you he has eaten every meal with this. You should have seen the look on his face when he found it. Priceless. 


Rebecca Jo said...

I feel dirty now just reading about that bar... yikes...

I would love for my parents to take their old home movies & put on a DVD... its so strange to look back & watch memories play out.

Mrs. Pedersen said...

That Chutney sounds yummy. :)